New (Healthy?) Pringles Alert!

Pringles are one of those fun foods that can’t be called what they are because they aren’t what they are. Or, to put it in an actually coherent sentence: Pringles are not technically potato chips, they are potato crisps because they are not fried slices of potato but rather ground-up dehydrated potato reformed into that sweet, sweet saddle shape and ready to ride off into the sunset of our Pringle lovin’ mouths. In any case, Pringles are great, and now they are coming out with even more technically-non-potato-chip products for us to peruse—and they just might be healthy(ish)?! That’s right, a new line of “Harvest Blends” Pringles are heading to stores and they’re made with either a sweet potato or multigrain base instead of dehydrated taters (which, coincidentally, was the name of my high school a cappella group).

What is Pringles playing at? Will these new Pringles taste like sweet potato fries and Wheat Thins? Were the Dehydrated Taters any good at a cappella?

To answer your third question, no, but we had heart (which was unfortunately not enough to get us to regionals). To answer your other two questions, I believe they are playing at the health food craze sweeping the nation. If Pringles could even make these chips just seem healthier, they probably would. That being said, are they healthier? No, not really. The Takeout noted that this new line has pretty much the same nutrition info as the standard Pringles but with the ingredient list order shifted around a bit. Also, according to the consensus of the internet, they do not, in fact, taste like sweet potato fries and Wheat Thins. The four flavors are Multigrain Farmhouse Cheddar, Multigrain Homestyle Ranch, Sweet Potato Sea Salt, and Sweet Potato Smoky BBQ, and they are all being released this month. As for which one I’m most excited about? I would love some of the plain sea salt sweet potato ones. I know, boring, but I’m a sucker for that sweet-and-salty snack life. And seeing as how these new chip bases seem to make more of a textural difference than anything else (and some added sweetness from the sweet potato), I say if the flavors interest you, give them a go! Maybe you’ll like the new textures and grains even better than the standard ~potato crisps~. Maybe they will hold up better in the whole “making a duck bill out of Pringles” situation. I, for one, am super curious about all of the flavors (to be clear, mainly for duck bill purposes, but also for flavor, I guess).

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