5 New Trader Joe’s Products We Can’t Wait to Try This Month

Even if Trader Joe’s didn’t have a stacked March rollout, it’s an exciting month. It’s a glimpse of spring after a dark winter. It’s a clean slate after weeks of reminders that just because everything is heart-shaped, doesn’t mean anybody truly loves you. This may have gotten dark. Let’s get back to Trader Joe’s extremely exciting new products. Here are five new Trader Joe’s foods to seek out this March. 

Papas Rellenas

Papas rellenas are a variation on a potato croquette. Think: mashed potatoes that are stuffed with seasoned ground beef, onions, and peppers, before being breaded and fried. “Yes, please,” is the tamest thing we’ll say about it. The least tame is “Papa rellenas? More like daddy rellenas.”

Peas and Carrots Sour Gummy Candies

We love real peas and carrots because they provide vitamins and minerals along with a burst of spring flavor. We love these peas and carrots because, well, they’re candy. And make no mistake, while they look like peas and carrots, they taste like citrus. The peas are sour, the carrots are sweet, and munchers everywhere are satisfied.

Spicy Meat Pizza

Pizza is a celebration food, and March is a celebration month. It’s Women’s History month. There’s Saint Patrick’s Day. There’s March Madness. There’s Easter eking it in on the 31st. And no matter the occasion, pizza is a good call. This new frozen pizza from TJ’s is topped with sausage and meatballs, and it promises the spice you’ve been missing since The Golden Bachelor finished.

Hold the Cone Tips

These chocolate-filled cone tips are crunchy, sweet, and have no need for refrigeration. Wherever you are, whenever it is, you can enjoy the back half of the ice cream cone experience without the burden of chasing the melting ice cream around the rim before it sticks up your hands.

Vanilla and Cream Yogurt

The vanilla and cream yogurt that TJ’s always sold paired in a four-pack with blueberry and cream has finally filed for an amicable divorce. So now you can finally buy it on its own. This is perfect for those who love vanilla but aren’t partial to blueberry, or for customers who never wanted to commit to the four-pack.

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