Everything We Know About the New Chex Mix Flavors

Chex Mix is the ultimate road trip snack. And pizza and tacos are the ultimate late night snacks. And now they’re all finally coming together to make what we hope and expect to be the next entrants into the snack hall of fame. Behold, two new Chex Mix flavors: Cheesy Pizza Remix and Zesty Taco Remix. They are available in stores for the first time this month!

About the Chex Mix Remix Cheesy Pizza

Do you want cheese puffs in your Chex Mix?! Of course you do. The Cheesy Pizza flavor has you covered. In this new Chex Mix flavor, cheese puffs replace the pretzels found in the traditional Chex Mix (and we all know the pretzels are the worst part of the original mix). Also, pizza crust bagel chips replace the usual bagel chips. (We presume this means bagel chips flavored with oregano.) The other flavored pieces include pizza-sauced Chex and garlic and herb Chex. As an Italian American, I’m excited! 

About the Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco

Okay, let’s taco ‘bout it. The Zesty Taco option also includes cheese puffs! Since, of course, cheese is an essential taco ingredient. It also includes corn shell chips resembling Fritos, taco seasoning Chex, and salsa Chex. 

The new Chex Mix Remix flavors are available nationwide in both 7oz bags for $4.29 and 11oz bags for $5.49. This certainly isn’t the first time Chex Mix has taken a swing with a new flavor. The company already offers Buffalo Ranch Chex Mix, Honey BBQ Chex Mix, and even Spicy Dill Chex Mix, but to our knowledge this is the first they’ve channeled actual other foods in their flavoring. Will they be as incredible as they sound? Check back, because we’ll be trying them. 

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  • I wish they would bring back the best Chex Mix flavor ever, Winter/Cocoa. They had Cocoa dusted Chex cereal and pretzels, Vanilla flavored Chex, and marshmallows. I used to buy two or three bags every winter. Bring them back!