Old Bay Goldfish Are Back, (Old) Bay-bee!

Watch out, Goldfish lovers, there is a new (old) sheriff in town. I’m talking about Old Bay Goldfish crackers, which originally swam into stores in 2022 and now are heading back to shelves for a limited time. So for those of you getting ready to spend the summer boiling various shellfish and then drowning them in the glorious melange of 18 herbs and spices that is Old Bay seasoning, there is now one more fish you can add to your fish wish lisht: the cheesy fish-shaped cracker kind. (Though I wouldn’t recommend actually boiling them. I did that as a bit the last time Old Bay Goldfish came out and ended up with weird mush and another pan to clean. What can I say? I am very committed to a bit!) Anyway, you probably have some questions, so let’s go to those.

Why are they back? How long will they be back? And where can I get me ol’ hands on some Old Bay Goldfish? (Don’t know why that last one was in pirate.)

According to a press release, it would seem there was a sweepstakes open last week where you could enter to win a 10.5-foot-long pool floatie inspired by Bravo’s Summer House and complete with a lil hole for your Old Bay Goldfish, a detachable personal pool floatie, and a single pack of Old Bay Goldfish (yum). So that’s the “why” the company gave. Additionally, this time around Old Bay Goldfish will be more widely distributed—that means more Old Bay Goldfish are headed to more retailers this very month (Old May, ha) and will stay on shelves until supplies run out. I will say, however, that Goldfish did call this Old Bay version a “summer flavor” in the press release, so there is a chance these crackers return again next summer, but no guarantees. If you’ve been waiting with (Old) Bay-ted breath for the return of these lil spiced swimmers, now is your chance—grab ‘em if you see ‘em, because there’s no telling how long they’ll be on shelves and, more importantly, they’re very good. In fact, these crackers were the Sporked team’s favorite brand collab of the year last year. So I don’t know about you, but for me personally? It sounds like it’s time to go (Old Bay Gold)fishin’.

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