We Tried New Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa to See if It’s Actually Spicy

Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa is the newest salsa on the Pace roster. We’re familiar with and generally like their work. In fact, two Pace salsas—Medium Chunky and Medium Restaurant Style—made our ranking of the best salsa to buy at the grocery store. We know they do mid-grade spice well—but how about hot? 

According to Pace, it’s made with habanero extract, which results in an “extra hot salsa.” I love spicy food and typically want my food as spicy as I can get it, so I was excited to try this new salsa to find out if it lives up to a spicy-food lover’s version of what “extra hot” actually means. And, just as importantly, does it taste good, too?

Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa


Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa

The moment this Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa hit my lips, I was shocked. The heat is real deal. This is a spicy salsa for spicy-food lovers. If you’re putting this out at a party, put it out with a caution sign. That being said, the flavor is just okay. I wish it had a little more complexity and wasn’t just heat for heat’s sake. I wish we got more of the tomato and onion, like in the classic versions of Pace salsa. It’s definitely not our favorite Pace salsa, but it is fun to try because of the spice level. I think this would be best utilized drizzled over nachos or tacos in place of hot sauce. If you can handle the heat, give Pace Ghost Pepper Habanero Salsa a try!

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