Pringles Wants to Officially Rename a Spider That Looks Like Its Logo

I thought I had seen it all: a global pandemic, Pete Davidson dating a Kardashian, macaroni & cheese ice cream. And yet, today I got more news I couldn’t possibly have foreseen, and it involves both Pringles and spiders. Now, whatever you are imagining right now is probably scarier and grosser than the actual news, which is this: There’s a spider that looks exactly like the Pringles logo. And if you can bring yourself to look at this spider for more than 0.02 seconds (which I’ll admit was hard for me), you’ll see that the resemblance is pretty uncanny.

The spider, known as the Kidney Garden Spider (for now), is native to South, East, and Southeast Asia. And the markings on its body looks very, very familiar. I’m telling you, this spider’s backside is decked out with the mustache, eyes, and receding hairline (or eyebrows depending on how you interpret it) that you’ll recognize from a tube of Pringles. So what is Pringles doing about it? Well, they’ve started a petition, naturally, asking the arachnid community to officially recognize this mustachioed monstrosity as the “Pringles Spider.”

And that’s not the only spider-related shenanigan that Pringles has in store for us. Starting this week, you can also “adopt” one of these “Pringles Spiders” online. Not literally (thank god), but if you choose a picture of one that “speaks to you most,” Pringles will send you a certificate of adoption for your new eight-legged BFF. If the petition is successful and this spider is officially recognized as the “Pringles Spider,” the company promises to give away free Pringles to celebrate “making snack and spider history.”

So add your name to the petition now if you’re in support of this freaky creature’s frighteningly fitting name change (or if you just want a chance at some free Pringles). Personally, I’m all for it. Thinking of this spider as a tiny, movable, Pringles billboard makes it exactly 20% less creepy. Yes, only 20%. Because let’s be honest, the Pringles guy was already a little bit creepy to begin with.

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