Rhett & Link Rank Their Favorite Frozen Chicken Nuggets

When you can’t bring yourself to get in the car and drive to your nearest fast food chain, frozen chicken nuggets are there for you. As fast food aficionados (and dads), Rhett & Link know nuggets, and they set out to find the tastiest frozen chicken nuggets you’ll find at the grocery store. 

On the February 24th, 2021, episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link put six of the most popular brands of frozen chicken nuggets to the test in a segment they called “Which Brand Has the Best Frozen Chicken Nuggies and Which Tastes Like an Old Pair of Huggies?” Tyson, Banquet, Applegate, Earth’s Best, Perdue, and Yummy Dino Buddies all graced the GMM stage to compete in a head-to-head nugget-off. Rhett & Link were split on which tasted best, but Link’s persistence convinced Rhett to hand over the top spot. (For even more frozen nugs, check out the Sporked ranking, too.)

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Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets

The first thing Link noted about the Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets is their steep price tag. They were the most expensive they tried. While Rhett & Link both liked that Applegate’s chickens are humanely raised, they couldn’t get on board with the flavor. Link even said that these were the first he “felt compelled to dip to cover up the taste.”

Earth’s Best Kidz All Natural Chicken Nuggets

Rhett immediately noticed the roundness of Earth’s Best Kidz All Natural Chicken Nuggets. Link liked “the consistency [and] the meatiness,” but didn’t like the breading. He equated it to fried okra or a hush puppy. Rhett had harsh words for their coating as well, saying the nuggets are the “same color as dookie.” Yikes!

Banquet Chicken Nuggets

Rhett & Link both agreed that the Banquet Chicken Nuggets were “less spongy” than some of the others they tried, and that gave these nugs a leg up. Link, however, was on the fence about their super peppery breading. Both felt that the Banquet nuggets were strong contenders, but preferred the taste of Tyson.

Yummy Dino Buddies Frozen Chicken Breast Nuggets

Rhett & Link liked the greasy taste and how much “mass” these dinosaur-shaped nuggets have. Link loved that these were shaped like dinosaurs and felt like it gave them major points. Rhett, however, made it clear that he was “going with taste and not fun” and that these were a little lacking in the flavor department. In the end, the guys named them a “safe number three.”

Rhett’s Pick: Perdue Frozen Chicken Breast Nuggets

Rhett loved the peppery bite that Perdue Frozen Chicken Breast Nuggets provided. He also felt that their texture was “mushy in a good way.” After eating the first of these nuggets, Rhett asked if the Perdue nuggets were the best they had tasted. Link liked that they were “big and soft” and admitted that the race was close—but he ultimately couldn’t call these nugs his favorite.

Link’s Pick: Tyson Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Link insisted on Tyson’s Frozen Chicken Nuggets taking the #1 spot in their frozen chicken nugget taste test. He felt that their orange color and crunchy texture earned them the top spot on the list. He had fighting words for Perdue, claiming that Tyson was better because “they don’t hide the [natural nugget] flavor with pepper.” As much as Rhett loved the Perdue nuggets, he admitted that he could eat “a whole plate” of these and gave into Link’s persistence.

Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets Brands

Get Ready to Dip the Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Are any chicken nuggets prepared at home as good as fast food chicken nuggets? That’s what I wanted to find out as we set out to find the best frozen chicken nuggets. 

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