Are Condiments Better from Glass, Plastic, or Packet? Rhett & Link Find Out

On a summer 2021 episode of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett & Link did a blind taste test of all three modes of condiment delivery from four different condiment brands. The modes in question? Glass bottle/jar, plastic bottle/jar, and packets. While the video was about them guessing which condiments came from which packaging, this list shows you what they actually liked, not what they thought they liked (spoiler, they thought they were going to hate all the packet condiments but ended up liking a lot of them best). Alright, let’s get squirtin’! (I’m talking about condiments, calm down).

Heinz Ketchup

Best One: Packets!

This one has a clear hierarchy. The ketchup from the plastic was the worst, the ketchup from the glass bottle was in the middle (but definitely closer to the packet than plastic), and the packet came out on top. The ketchup from the packet and ketchup from the glass bottle were more “fresh and fruity” tasting than the plastic-bottle ketchup, which also happened to be several shades darker than the other two.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Best One: Packets!

The packet mayo was more yellow in color than the other two mayos right off the bat. The packet mayo was immediately way better than glass in that it was both stronger and tangier. Rhett even went as far as to say that he hated the glass and loved the packet mayo. Strangely, even though these all had the same ingredients, the plastic bottle mayo was thinner, more watery, and a little fishy, and the thinness made them think it was the packet but, boy, were they wrong. After learning the correct answers this round, Rhett & Link were starting to realize that they were packet men through and through.

French’s Mustard

Best One: Packets!

Unlike the first two rounds, none of these stood out for being a different color than its counterparts. The mustard in the plastic container and the mustard in the glass container had a weird/different aftertaste, and Rhett pointed out that the glass one had a grainy or “a little milly” texture to it. Link even called the consistency of the glass one “dirtish.” What a glowing endorsement. The packet mustard was definitely both Rhett & Link’s favorite this round as well, but did they guess it right as newborn packet men? THEY DID! After getting the first two rounds 100% wrong, they got this one 100% correct. Packet men for LYFE!

Smucker’s Grape Jelly

Best One: Plastic Bottle!

They tried the glass jar first which Link thought was “quite flavorless.” They then tried the packet jelly which was immediately much better than the glass. As for plastic? It was on another level. Rhett thought it was, and I quote, “PACKET LEVEL!!!!!” but, it turns out, this one was just a good ol’ plastic squeeze bottle. I guess jelly behaves a little differently from the other condiments, R&L pointed out that this could be because Smucker’s packets are less packet-y and more of a “plastic tub with a foil lid” sort of thing.

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