Rhett & Link’s Sons Try the 3 Biggest Boxed Mac & Cheese Brands

For this Good “Mini” Mythical Morning ranking, Link was joined by his son Lando and Rhett’s son Shepherd (#Shando). The boys were blindfolded and tasked with tasting three brands of boxed mac and cheese: Velveeta, Annie’s, and Kraft. They had to first try and determine which was which, and then give each a score out of ten. Did they correctly identify their favorites? Let’s see what Shando had to say about these three classic mac and cheese brands.

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Velveeta Shells & Cheese — 13.5 points

The boys began their adorable blindfolded taste test with Velveeta. Shep boldly gobbled down the whole spoonful of macaroni, just like his dad, Rhett, would do. And Lando screamed a little every time the spoon touched him, just like his dad would do. The boys guessed that this one was Annie’s and they both seemed to like it quite a bit. Lando gave Velveeta a score of 6 while Shep gave it a good, hardy 7.5 for a total score of 13.5.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese — 12 points

Shep confessed earlier on that he’d never had Kraft Macaroni & Cheese before (only the best for the McLaughlin household!), but Lando knew this brand. He correctly guessed that it was Kraft based on the “thick noodley thingies,” which Link admitted to calling “noodle pipes.” Shep guessed this was Kraft based on the process of elimination and rated these noodle “tubes” low with a score of four. Lando, however, really loved this one and gave it an eight for a total of 12.

Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese— 22 points

Shep had a strong opinion about which one this might be, but decided to let Lando guess first so as not to give him any ideas. Little buddy Lando guessed correctly again and recognized this as Annie’s. He proclaimed his love for this mac and cheese on first bite and rated it a seven. Shep also absolutely loved this option, which he guessed to be Velveeta. Against Link’s wishes, Shep gave it a 15 out of 10 and would not settle for anything less. This brought the total score for Annie’s to a whopping 22.

Winner: Lando! 

Thanks to his astute guessing skills, Lando was able to correctly match two out of the three mac and cheese brands! Looks like he gets his refined palate from his dad. What was his prize, you ask? A bowl of his favorite mac and cheese. Shep got a bowl of his own favorite mac and cheese as well, as a consolation prize. Looks like everyone’s a winner!

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