Rumor Has It Subway Sauces Are Heading to the Grocery Store

I would bet actual, non-Monopoly money that when you think of restaurants where you can get lost in the sauce, your first thought is not Subway. You probably think of your local Mexican restaurant with the 20 different salsas, or the dim sum place near you that has the most umami-packed, spicy, tingly chili oil. Heck, maybe your first thought is all those lil rectangular sauce thingies at McDonald’s. Or maybe I’m the odd one out here and most people are sitting at home on any given Saturday night thinking of the sauces at Subway, just wishing they had them in their own fridge. And if this is true then y’all are in luck, because food news maven Markie Devo reported via Instagram that Subway will be releasing a line of their signature sauces in grocery stores sometime soon.

Which Subway sauces? Are the sauce bottles 6 or 12 inches tall? Can you get any of them for $5?

Yes, that commercial will live rent-free in my head forever (five-ever even). As for when these sauces will hit stores, that remains a mystery, but we do have some info on which sauces it will be. It looks like Subway will be giving us four options to choose from: Sweet Onion Teriyaki, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Creamy Italian MVP, and Baja Chipotle. All good sauces; all very classically Subway. As for how tall the bottles are, no idea. But we do know they will be 16 ounces and come in bright Subway-green packaging. We also have no idea what they will cost as of right now. What we do know is these will be great for everything from building big beautiful subs at home to dressing salads to slathering on burgers. Say what you will about Subway, their sauce game ain’t half bad. And while I do wish they were selling their chipotle southwest sauce (the best Subway sauce to ever sauce this earth, in my humble opinion), I am still curious to see what these sauces are like and will definitely be picking up at least one of them as soon as they hit stores—whenever that may be.

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