Drink the Rainbow? A Skittles Drink Is Coming Soon

Since the beginning of time (more or less), Skittles have given us the ability—nay, the opportunity…NAY, the privilege—of being able to taste the rainbow. And oh, the rainbow we hath tasted. Whether it’s the Original, Wild Berry, Tropical, or Sour variety, Skittles are a classic choice for those chasing color, texture, and taste. But if you are one of those rare souls who doesn’t care about the pleasing crunch of a candy shell and just wants Skittle flavor straight to the dome, you are in for a treat. According to beverage news Instagram account @sodaseekers, we will soon be able to purchase some form of Skittles drink.

What is it? Will the Skittles drink look like the rainbow or just taste like it? Are there bubbles involved (please say yes)?

Well, we really don’t know a whole lot yet. Alls we do know is that it will come in four flavors: Original, Tropical, Sour, and Wild Berry. The Skittles drink seems like it will not actually be carbonated, and while the liquid may not be bubbly, the packaging shown in the leaked images sort of looks like those plastic bottles of bubble fluid with the little wand inside that you’d buy as a kid. I truly don’t know how to feel about this. Will Original taste like a handful of Original Skittles? Because to be honest, if that is the case, I’m not not interested. If we are meant to drink this on its own though, I do sort of wish this stuff had carbonation, because plain Skittles juice seems like a lot. On the other hand, imagine mixing this into lemonade, or a smoothie, or a fruity refreshing cocktail. Now those are some applications I could get on board with. This still makes me wonder: If it isn’t carbonated, what is it? Gatorade without the electrolytes? Flat soda? Aggressively unnatural juice? Skittles’ Heckin’ Fun Timez Drank™?

And lastly (and most importantly), do rainbows work like infinities where there are different sizes of infinity and so a rainbow plus a rainbow is a larger more complex rainbow? That is to say, if you mix all four flavors together and taste it, are you tasting the most rainbow rainbow, or was the real rainbow the friends we made along the way? We may never know (I clearly didn’t major in philosophy). All I know is that I just want to taste the most intense iteration of the liquid rainbow I possibly can during this lifetime.

Bottom line, we may not know much about these Skittles drinks yet, but they are supposedly coming soon (though it is unclear how soon). And the minute they hit stores I do, in fact, think I will give them a try, thank you very much. So look out, rainbow drank, here I come.

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