Will People Go Nuts for Snickers Pecan?

As someone who refuses to be around hangry people and is secretly quite susceptible to hangriness myself, it’s just right that I keep a Snickers bar on hand at all times. Because as the slogang goes: You’re not you when you’re hungry. And while the traditional caramel-filled, peanutty chocolate bar hits the spot every time, wouldn’t you like to satiate your hunger in a slightly new way? Well, your stomach rumbles can soon be put to rest by Snickers Pecan.

According to snack aficionado @markie_devo on Instagram, Snickers is planning a nationwide release of a Snickers bar that swaps out peanuts for pecans. Snickers Pecan will reportedly be available at stores that carry the brand beginning in August or early September.

Snickers Pecan? Haven’t I heard of that before?

While this product may be hitting stores for the first time ever, this flavor isn’t actually new…it’s a cult favorite born of state nut pride! To give a little history, in 2019 Mars turned to its fans for inspiration for its next Snickers product. Snickers embarked on its “Great American Nut Search,” a hilariously named virtual expedition across America to discover which nut fans wanted to see in the next Snickers Bar. And Texans went nuts for pecans.

Shortly thereafter, Snickers released the Snickers Pecan Bar as a limited edition flavor, sold online in packs of 15 for $30. The quantity and price did little to deter customers, and the limited stash of Snickers Pecan sold out within 24 hours of its online debut.

Lucky for Snickers fans who are dying for more pecan or those who missed that brief 24-hour window of opportunity, this upcoming in-store rerelease should ensure everyone gets a chance to quell their hanger with this nutty new delicacy.

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