Vote for the Best Regional Soda! (You Might Win a $100 Instacart Gift Card)

UPDATE: Burp Bracket voting is closed as of noon on April 3. The winning soda will be announced on Friday, April 5!

And then there were two…

After two rounds of voting (and more than 16,000 votes cast!), six regional sodas have been eliminated and only two remain in the battle to be named the best regional soda of them all. Your carbonated contenders in the final round of the Sporked Burp Bracket are…

Cheerwine (Southeast) vs. Jones Cream Soda (Northwest)!

That’s right. It’s a fight to the finish between a very red cherry soda from North Carolina and a white cream soda from Washington State. This was a CLOSE CALL. While Cheerwine decisively beat Boylan Black Cherry (Mid-Atlantic) in the semi finals, Jones Cream Soda edged out Big Red (Southwest) by only ONE VOTE. Thrilling stuff!

Now it’s up to you to decide which reigns supreme! Between now and noon on Wednesday, April 3, vote for the soda that deserves to take home the title of Best Regional Soda. We’re sweetening the pot this round, too. When you enter your email to vote below, you’re automatically entering in our Burp Bracket Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Instacart gift card (terms and conditions here for your perusal). One Burp Bracket participant will be chosen at random and a winner will be announced on Friday, April 5, along with the winning soda.

May the best soda (and the best grocery shopper) win!

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