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Even though I’m not a big fruity candy fan, I like Starburst slightly more than your average fruit candy. And my favorite Starburst flavor is, hands down, orange, which I feel is universally regarded as the grossest kind. Even worse, I dislike the red Starbursts. I know, I’m a monster, but on the other hand I’m a great person to share a bag of Starbursts with. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll trust me to help answer some frequently asked questions about Starburst. Here we go.

How are Starburst made?

While the Starburst powers-that-be keep the exact manufacturing process a secret, Starbursts are not unlike saltwater taffy. So let’s examine how that candy is made. The folks at Taffytown tell us that taffy is made by “​​boiling sugars in a large copper kettle to a high temperature. That supersaturated mass is then aerated to capture tiny bubbles in the candy, making it less tacky and softer. A pulling machine [then] twists, stretches, and kneads the saltwater taffy into a supple treat. Finally, the taffy is shaped, cut into small pieces, packaged, and shipped.” So, how are Starbursts made? Probably a lot like that but on a much bigger scale. 

How many Starburst in a pack?

This, of course, depends on what size of Starburst package you’re talking about. The standard tube variety comes with a dozen individually wrapped chews. For a 14-ounce bag, we’re talking around seventy five pieces.

Do Starburst have gelatin?

Yes, standard Starburst do indeed have gelatin.

Are Starburst vegan?

Because of the aforementioned gelatin, as well as confectioner’s glaze, both of which are made with animal products, standard Starburst are not vegan-friendly. However, Starburst did introduce a “plant-based” gummy version in 2021 that does not use animal ingredients and is thus safe for vegans. 

Are Starburst gluten free?

Yes! Unless you’re making a Starburst sandwich or using them to season your pasta, Starburst of all flavors and kinds are gluten free and considered safe for those with celiacs. 

Are Starburst wrappers edible?

Let’s be crystal clear about this: No, Starburst wrappers are not edible. They’re definitely more like the orange or kiwi of the candy world than the apple or pear, which is to say that you shouldn’t eat the peel. That being said, it’s made of paper and non-toxic so if you happen to chow down on a couple unwrapped Starburst, you’ll probably be just fine. 

What flavor is pink Starburst? 

The perpetually popular pink Starburst—so beloved that you can buy a pack made up of just those guys—are strawberry flavored. Whether they truly taste like a strawberry, however, is less certain.

How do you do that thing where you open a Starburst wrapper with just your tongue?

If you really want to master this trick, there is a guide online outlining how you can do this. Or you can just plant a mostly unwrapped Starburst in your mouth and pretend you did it. Either way, it’s sure to shock and delight your friends.

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