A Taco Bell Crunchwrap Kit Is Coming So You Can Live Más Without Leaving the Hás

Taco Bell lovers have been attempting to recreate the unique taste, texture, look, and feel of the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme in their own homes for years now. And while it’s certainly possible to make a Crunchwrap in your own kitchen, it can actually be kind of difficult to find the right tortilla and crunchy tostada sizes to fit together and create that perfect little octagonal pocket of heaven. But in 2024, all of that changes. This year, Kraft Heinz is partnering with Taco Bell to give us, the people of the United States of America, a fighting chance. That’s right, they are launching an at-home Crunchwrap Supreme kit, people. This is not a drill. Now, I’m sure you all have a lot of questions…

Where can I find these Taco Bell dinner kits? What exactly do they have in them? Will I now be able to Crunchwrap-ify every meal I eat?

Don’t worry, we are on the case-o. It would seem that this Kraft Heinz X Taco Bell collab will include two different kits: a Crunchwrap Supreme Cravings Kit and a Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla Cravings Kit. The Crunchwrap kit essentially comes with everything but the toppings and protein—that is to say, it comes with four 12-inch flour tortillas, cheese sauce, four crunchy tostada shells, and taco seasoning. The quesadilla kit comes with four ten-inch flour tortillas, cheese sauce, and chipotle creamy sauce. Basically, they are giving us all the tools and we gotta bring the fixin’s. I see this as a positive because it leaves so much room for creativity. You could put some Trader Joe’s orange chicken in there. Or some eggplant parmesan. Or heck, you could even put some actual carne asada in your Crunchwrap and fancify your at-home Taco Bell experience. The world is your Crunchwrap Supreme—ultimately, it is up to you to fill it. Plus, Kraft Heinz already makes some Taco Bell sauces, taco kits, shells, and seasoning mixes you can buy at the grocery store, so if what you really want to do is try to replicate the authentic Taco Bell experience at home rather than just going to Taco Bell, now you have a pretty good shot.

As for where you can find these kits, they are hitting shelves at Walmart stores nationwide. The Bell is tolling and we must answer the call—may our at-home Crunchwraps be forever more supreme.

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