Tom Hanks’ Favorite Sugar-Free Foods

If you want to eat like national treasure Tom Hanks, you’re going to have to get a taste for artificial sweeteners.

The voice of your childhood (whether you grew up in the era of Toy Story or Big) stopped by Mythical Kitchen to share his dream last meal with Josh Scherer. The full episode is great (you can and should watch it below), but we were mostly intrigued by the sugar-free products that Tom (who has type 2 diabetes) chose to include in his epic dinner. 

Here’s Tom Hanks’ sugar-free picks: 

Cary’s Sugar Free Low Calorie Syrup

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A man after our own hearts, Tom eats his favorite sugar-free syrup straight off the spoon. “I have been known to come downstairs at night when I [have] a sweet tooth and get a spoon and get some of the Cary’s syrup,” he says in the video, doing exactly that. “Tastes like candy to me.” We totally agree with Tom. Cary’s is the best sugar-free syrup you can buy for pancakes or waffles or—Tom’s pick—French toast. It even made our list of the best pancake syrup. As Sporked staffer Jordan Myrick wrote, “It is maybe the only sugar-free product I’ve ever had that didn’t have a truly hellish aftertaste.” If you know Jordan, you know that’s high praise.

Diet Coke

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Tom paired his In-N-Out Double-Double with a Diet Coke or, as Tom calls it, “better living through American chemicals.” The classic D.C. came in at the bottom of our best diet soda ranking—but it still made the list. (Personally I, Justine, love the stuff, though, and I can personally attest to how well it pairs with an In-N-Out patty.)

Diet Dr Pepper

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This one came in just ahead of Diet Coke in our best diet soda ranking with Jordan admitting that it really does taste just like regular Dr Pepper (a favorite of theirs). Tom picked the Diet Dr as a pairing for his Taste of History Platter from El Cholo. Wondering what that means? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out more.

All the Diet Colas Mixed Together

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In a true “stars, they’re just like us!” moment, Tom admits to creating a slurry of diet sodas when presented with the opportunity. “Let me get some Coke Zero—oooh, let me add some Diet Dr Pepper to that, maybe I’ll put some Pepsi Max on here,” he said, acting out a scene at the soda machine we know too well. “And you just end up having this volatile concoction of every delicious soda thing—and no calories, it’s all sugar-free.” We would definitely try Tom’s Volatile Concoction. Bottle it and sell it, soda companies!

Watch the full episode of Tom Hanks’ Last Meals on Mythical Kitchen

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