Trader Joe’s Releases Cadbury Mini Egg-posters

It is a widely accepted truth that the single best Easter candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs. The pastel-colored, candy shell-coated, intoxicatingly vanilla-scented, milk chocolate wonders are a spring staple and, as far as I’m concerned, they will be around forever. 

But wait! What’s this? A competitor has stepped into the ring! This year, Trader Joe’s released a small, ovoid, light hued Mini Egg doppelgänger for the Easter season. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trader Joe’s with my entire heart and some of yours, but is this a good move? Should one ever try to compete with utter perfection?

There are a few key differences between these sweet treats and the gold standard of Easter eggdom that is Cadbury. The main distinguishing factor is that TJ’s offering contains almonds. The Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, as they are called, are also dark chocolate. The Cadbury Mini Eggs are milk chocolate and contain…well…more milk chocolate.

I don’t think Cadbury needs to worry about being dethroned anytime soon. While these eggs seem delicious, they are aimed at a slightly different market than their Cadbury counterparts: dark chocolate and almond-loving adults. Conversely, Cadbury’s milk chocolate eggs are aimed at anyone, from children old enough to not choke on them to adults who are young at heart (and also old enough not to choke on them). There’s no reason why these two egg-shaped chocolates can’t commingle—preferably in a bowl near me.   

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