We Tried Trader Joe’s New Italian Tiramisu

Why drink coffee when you can eat a slice of Trader Joe’s Italian Tiramisu instead? In this layered dessert, a base layer of ladyfinger biscuits are soaked in both coffee and Marsala wine. On top of that is a thick layer of mascarpone cheese dusted with cocoa powder. (Just thought you should know in case you weren’t thinking about dessert yet.)

Trader Joe’s carried a different tiramisu product for years, the Tiramisu Torte, a shareable dessert that you’d cut into triangular pieces like a cake. That dessert was discontinued, and the new Trader Joe’s tiramisu is fit for a single pringle. The package includes two individual servings in separate little cups. Is it worth your hard-earned tiramisu money? Let’s find out.

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Italian Tiramisu

I was excited to start the work day off by trying the new Trader Joe’s tiramisu. Alas, the defrosting suggestions had other plans for me. The package says this Italian tiramisu needs eight hours to defrost. Ridiculous. When you are in a tiramisu mood, you are in a tiramisu mood.

Luckily, I disregarded the package instructions and tried one of these little cups after I allowed it to defrost for three hours in the refrigerator. The Italian Tiramisu tasted ready and delicious! 

Pros: Like most tiramisu options, the layers work well together, and the cocoa powder on the top brings the flavors together nicely. I love how filling it is. I only ended up eating half of my portion because it’s just so dense and rich, but I’d rather have too much than too little! I was a little confused by the mascarpone layer, which tasted very similar to vanilla ice cream. But honestly, an ice cream-like tiramisu experience is a good time.

Cons: The coffee-soaked layer on the bottom is quite small, and that’s not something that I minded. However, if you are looking for a very coffee-forward tiramisu, this probs isn’t for you. 




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