Is This Trader Joe’s Tostada Really Like Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell recently did this super rude thing where they discontinued the beloved Mexican Pizza (their best menu item, in my opinion), brought it back, and then ran out of one of the main components and took it off the menu yet again. No offense, but get your shit together, guys!

News broke just this week that the Mexican Pizza will be back for good in September, but in the meantime people have been looking for dupes. Back in early July, my ears perked up big time when this Layered Beef Tostada hit Trader Joe’s stores and people started pointing out that it kind of resembles a Mexican Pizza. So we stuck one in the oven to see if it would satisfy our Mexican Pizza hankering.

trader joe's layered beef tostada

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Trader Joe’s Layered Beef Tostada

YOU GUYS, NO. What makes the Mexican Pizza so delicious and special is the pair of crispy, fried tostadas that sandwich Taco Bell’s signature seasoned beef and refried beans. This thing is made with two crummy, unfried flour tortillas. Worse, the beef and bean mixture is … gray? Looks gray and tastes gray. Oh, and it’s grainy to boot! The black olives, green onions, and generous layer of cheese on top are nice touches, but when the rest is so aggressively underwhelming, they come off as lipstick on a pig.

I don’t like to sow negativity on the internet and I generally like TJ’s premade frozen snacks, but this is trash. See you in September, actual Mexican Pizza. And, hey Taco Bell, bring back the Meximelt while you’re at it, dammit!




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