We Tasted TJ’s New 4-in-1 Cheese, Stripey Joe

Trader Joe’s new Stripey Joe cheese would look good on a charcuterie board. There’s no denying that. A multicolored mix of four English cheeses (Cheshire, Cheddar, Double Gloucester, and Red Leicester), this linear cheese is an eye-catching ode to British curds. Or is it just a very smart way to use up cheese scraps? I gave the new fromage a taste to find out.

stripey joe cheese

New Product!

Stripey Joe Cheese

My first question is: How am I supposed to eat this? The description on the Trader Joe’s website implies the cheeses should all be enjoyed at once for a “kind of culinary harmony.” But my mouth isn’t wide enough to make that possible. Nevertheless, I tried to stretch my mouth to fit the four-cheese-wide slice. It wasn’t the most pleasurable sensation, but I managed to fill my mouth with all the cheeses at one. And the result? It’s extremely flavorful and mostly creamy. But there are just too many competing cheeses and one cheese with a slightly crumbly texture that just makes the whole experience less than ideal. It turns out that I am a cheese purist. I would much prefer a wedge of Double Gloucester next to a wedge of Cheddar, enjoyed separately. The Trader Joe’s website suggests slicing the cheese for a burger—and I can see that being the best use case. That, or using it for wow-factor alone on a cheeseboard. Points for aesthetics, but I can’t say this is going to be my new must-have cheese. (Please, don’t let this discourage you, Trader Joe’s! I love your innovative spirit. Keep dreaming.)

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Tasting Trader Joe’s Stripey Joe Cheese

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