Tropicana Is Making a Cereal Meant to Be Eaten with OJ

People who eat their cereal with orange juice instead of milk—we knew they were out there. We knew they felt strongly about it. But did we ever think they would have enough sway to get a cereal of their own? 

I sure as heck didn’t, but here we are. What’s next? Maybe a coffee specifically made to be sipped with orange juice instead of creamer? Anyway, I’m going to move on because I’m sure you’re wondering the same thing I was. What exactly is this cereal and what about it makes it suited to OJ?

The cereal is called Tropicana Crunch and it’s set to be released on May 4 in honor of National Orange Juice Day. According to the Tropicana Crunch website, it contains “honey almond clusters that are made to be spooned and sipped.” Okay, Tropicana, so far so good. Then the site goes on to say, “A breakfast taste test we can all take together. Because whether you hate it or love it, you won’t know until you try it. Tropicana Crunch: It may not be for everyone (but it could be for you!)” 

ice cubes in cereal

I Put Ice Cubes in My Cereal and You Should Too

I like my cereal cold. I hate it when you get to the end of a bowl and are left with room temperature milk. So a few years ago I had the thought to put ice cubes in my cereal.

Is it just me or does it sound like they aren’t sure their own cereal is good? Have a little self-confidence, Tropicana! Maybe you made something good, maybe you didn’t. Tell me it’s good anyway so that I’ll buy it!

This isn’t the first time Tropicana has made a non-juice product. Apparently, a while back they made a toothpaste that supposedly wouldn’t clash with your morning cup of orange juice, and it reportedly worked! Maybe that’s a good sign that this new cereal will go well with juice. Maybe they know what they’re doing? If they do, I wish they’d say so. 

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