Our Honest Review of TRUFF Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce

If you’re a condiment purist, you may reject the concept of luxury hot sauces. Why invest in an upscale, uniquely crafted hot sauce when your tried-and-true favorite hot sauce already holds a permanent spot in the fridge? I understand where you’re coming from, I do. But there’s something to be said for embracing your inner fancy boy and occasionally delighting in all the niche, bizarre things that rich people like to buy. Case in point: the new TRUFF Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce

I’m kidding about that rich people comment (mostly), but everything else still stands. TRUFF’s Jalapeño Lime Truffle Infused Hot Sauce is a bold blend of green jalapeño, green chilis, lime, and black winter truffle (the fanciest flavor that ever did fancy), and liking it does require you to accept that maybe, just maybe, there’s a place for a little bit of luxury in your life, as long as you have 18 bucks to spend on hot sauce. Also, for what it’s worth, we’ve reviewed enough TRUFF products in the past (like their White Truffle Oil) to know they are usually worth the splurge!

New Product!

TRUFF Jalapeño Lime Truffle Infused Hot Sauce

This new TRUFF hot sauce invokes a pretty consistent reaction in everyone who tries it. (We know this because we passed it around the Sporked office like a hot potato.) Upon first whiff, their noses scrunch up in dubious skepticism, confused by the signals their nostrils are sending to the brain. Umami… and lime? Huh? Then, after tasting it, they immediately say “oh!” in a happy voice, surprised to find it pleasant. It’s yummy—a little confusing, but mostly yummy. 

Pros: The black truffle, lime, and jalapeño do work surprisingly well together. And compared to other TRUFF hot sauces (which my colleague Jordan Myrick thinks taste more like barbecue sauces), the spice coming from the jalapeños and green pace chili pepper puree is pretty potent. It’s punchy without overpowering your taste buds. 

Cons: The truffle and lime combo isn’t very versatile and probably won’t pair well with typical meals that call for hot sauce. But in specific dishes, like shrimp tacos or zesty chicken wings, this TRUFF hot sauce absolutely is a game changer. 




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