10 Underrated Foods at Trader Joe’s, According to You

Trader Joe’s is a treasure trove of interesting and unique foods, and our fan base is a treasure trove of interesting and unique food enthusiasts (I know I have a tendency towards sarcasm in these articles, but I mean that in a good way, I promise). Naturally, we should listen to you guys more. Like, a lot more. We asked for your hot takes on underrated products from TJ’s, and y’all delivered. Thank you for your service. 

Sunflower Butter Cups

“sunflower butter cups. so good and an interesting alternative to peanut butter cups” —Jessica Hickok via Facebook

See, this is what I mean when I tell people TJ’s is kind of adorable. Sunflower butter cups??? Are you joking?? Am I living in a cottage surrounded by fields of flowers and singing birds and sunshine or what??? 

The Soup Dumps, Obviously

“The frozen soup dumplings are second to none. Add some Szechuan chili oil and you’re good to go!” —David Brian via Facebook

Right you are about that chili oil, David, right you are. You know, statistically speaking, there are people out there who have never had a soup dumpling? Never mind Trader Joe’s soup dumplings…I’m getting a little teary just thinking about it.

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Justice for Five Seed Almond Bars

“As a former crew member, I can confirm that the Five Seed Almond Bars are delicious and criminally underrated. Whenever we’d demo them, they’d fly off the shelves, but otherwise they’d just sit there because the name and boring packaging don’t do them justice.—@ivyleaguefoodie

Ah, another great product lost to the perils of bad marketing. This makes me almost as sad as the soup dumpling statistic. We’ll have to try this one, stat!!

Affordable Gluten Free Everything Bagels

“Gluten free everything bagels. If you have to eat gluten free it’s nice to have a delicious bagel without the price of major brands.” —Megon Ann via Facebook

Absolutely agree with this take! It’s not only hard to eat gluten free, it’s hard to afford a gluten free diet. Feels like gluten free items should be cheaper than usual to accommodate for those limitations, but I’ll get off my soapbox.

Chocolate Chip Cookies but Smol

The Tiniest Chocolate Chip Cookies are really good.—@BillPepperoni

What’s that theory that says the smaller something is, the cuter it is? Something about babies and biological responses? I don’t know where I’m going with this, but sometimes foods that are tiny do in fact taste cuter. Okay, apparently that’s where I was going with that. Anyway, yes, Trader Joe’s Tiniest Chocolate Chip Cookies are really good, Billy. Thanks for that!

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Pub Pretzel (Just Stay Home!)

“Pretzel demi baguette. It’s great to make small sandwiches or just by itself with some pub cheese.” —Rachel Henry via Facebook

I love all life hacks that give me the option to not visit the seedy karaoke bar down the street whenever I crave bar food. Please, appetite, just let me stay home. If I have to hear one more Celine Dion rendition…

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Kung Pao Wow

“Kung pao chicken! It uses chicken thighs, super easy to prepare and great flavor with decent heat. Garlic sauce, roasted red pepper and tomato soup, French onion soup, spinach and artichoke dip.” —Mark Fleser via Facebook

Facts! TJ’s makes their kung pao chicken with dark meat, and we’re here for it. Might be time for a kung pao chicken taste test, now that I think about it. (Oh and we’re with you on that tomato soup, too.)

Your Morning Chocolate Fix

“The double chocolate croissants” —Rhiannon Bush

Oh heck yeah, and way better than Starbucks, btw.

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On Theme with “Interesting & Unique”

“We love the frozen Greek Cheese Spiral pastry, veggie bird nests, and sesame seed coated cashews.” —CW Oest via Facebook

I love the little puzzle my brain gets to do every time I see a Trader Joe’s product name. Visualizing each of these was a fun experience. And yes, TJ’s nut selection is top tier!

Scallion Pancakes?!?!

“I don’t know if they are underrated, but the Taiwanese Green Onion Pancakes” —@jshook082

I’m running, I’m sprinting, I need to try these now. Goodbye. See you all next week. 

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