Vlasic Cranks Up the Heat with Two New Flavors of Spicy Pickle Chips

How dare they?! The absolute nerve of Vlasic to release two new kinds of hot pickle chips (as in, sliced pickle “chips” not potato chips) a couple weeks ago and not even tell me?? 

I had to find out online from a monthly recap of new products from Conagra (the company that owns Vlasic). That’s just wrong. I want to know what’s going on in my favorite pickle company’s life and I want to hear it directly from them. So if you’re reading this, Vlasic, please email or call me next time. I care about you and I just want to know how you’re doing.

By this point, you may be wondering about the hot pickle chips in question. Back in mid-June, Vlasic released two new spicy sliced pickle products: Sweet Heat Pickle Chips, which I imagine taste like spicy gherkins, and Xtreme Heat Pickle Chips which, according to the press release, are “sure to grab your tastebud’s attention.” Well, they already have—and I haven’t even tried them yet! Color me Xtremely intrigued.

Among those who have tried these new perfectly picante pickles, some have already taken to the internet to share their thoughts, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer wrote, “These pickle chips had just the right amount of sweetness and heat!” And every other reviewer expressed some variation of the same thing. There are no negative reviews. On a food?! Granted they are still new-ish, but I’m proud. And c’mon, just imagine these bad boys on a Cubano sandwich, or a burger, or a fork! I kind of want to go to the store right now and pick some up. But I’m in my PJs at the moment and don’t want to change—talk about an Xtreme pickle!

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