Waterloo’s New Seltzer Flavors Made Us Get into a Fight

In a world that’s dominated by Spindrift and LaCroix, Waterloo is often forgotten. But it shouldn’t be. It’s a quality water brand (that could stand to update their branding, if we’re being honest) whose sparkling waters come in fun, punchy flavors that seriously satisfy. We even named their peach flavor one of the best sparkling waters in our ranking. So we were psyched when they came out with two brand new flavors: Ginger Citrus Twist and Orange Vanilla. But are they worth our excitement? Keep reading to find out.

waterloo ginger citrus

New Product!

Ginger Citrus Twist

This taste test divided the team. Both managing editor Gwynedd Stuart and senior staff writer Jordan Myrick thought this was pretty okay. But I wanted more ginger. When you call out ginger as a main flavoring agent, you need to deliver some spice. To me, this tasted more like a watered down ginger ale with a twist of unnamed citrus. I would drink this for hydration if it was in the fridge but I wouldn’t demand it be restocked.




waterloo orange vanilla

New Product!

Orange Vanilla

Again, this one divided the team. Out of the two new Waterloo flavors, this was my pick. To me, it tastes like cream soda seltzer. Yes, I agree with Jordan and Gwynedd that it could use more orange flavor in order to live up to the promise of its label. But I think the vanilla flavor is really pleasant and a fun new addition to the Waterloo lineup. And I’m writing this review. So, I get to decide the Spork score. If you like cream soda, I think you will like this new seltzer. And if you demand more citrus flavor, maybe pour it into a glass and add an orange wheel. 




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  • I LOVE ginger seltzer from other brands so I was so excited to see this new flavor but ginger citrus twist was a big disappointment to me. I get more of a licorice flavor than anything.