What Is Aloe Vera Juice and How Do You Drink It?

The term “aloe vera juice” might sound like something you gargle when you’ve somehow sunburned your esophagus. But you don’t have to expose your tongue to UV rays to enjoy a glass of aloe vera juice. Today, we’ll explore a little more about this invigorating drink made from everyone’s favorite kitchen succulent. 

What is aloe vera juice?

Aloe vera juice is a beverage made from the gel of the aloe vera plant, water, and sometimes fruit juice and/or sugar for flavor. Aloe vera juice, as one might assume, is a little on the thicker side. It’s not a straight-up goo like the gel found within the plant proper, but it’s certainly a little more viscous than your typical offering from the Tropicana company. Occasionally, there are also little chunks of aloe pulp within the juice, making aloe vera juice one of those rare juices that you drink and chew. 

How is aloe vera juice made?

Here’s how to make aloe vera juice: Peel away the aloe leaf’s green skin until you have a good chunk of the transparent inner gel, and rinse it to remove some of the bitter taste. Then, blend the gel with water, fruit juice, or even seltzer if you’re feeling bubbly!  

How do you drink aloe vera juice?

Technically you can drink aloe vera juice straight whenever you dang well please. But if you’re trying to get the maximum health benefits, here’s how to drink aloe vera juice: gulp a glass of plain aloe vera juice 15-30 minutes before eating a meal. This purported promotes good gut health and digestive regularity, and, perhaps most importantly, will have people thinking you’re interesting. You can also try adding aloe vera juice to a smoothie or mixing it with other juice to make it a bit more palatable. 

What does aloe vera juice taste like?

Without sugar or fruit juice added to soften the blow, aloe vera juice has a slightly bitter, citrusy, grassy flavor that hits the tongue with a smack. It’s not for everyone. It’s also viscous and might contain chunks of aloe vera pulp. 

What is aloe vera juice good for?

So, what are the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice, exactly? Aloe vera juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which can help fight heart disease and other inflammatory conditions. Aloe vera juice is also an excellent source of vitamin C, which we all know the body needs to function at tip-top capacity. 

Aloe vera juice is also thought to enhance gut health, immune support, skin rejuvenation, and even dental pain relief in some cases. Obviously, more long-term data is necessary before proving any of this conclusively, but until we can get our hands on some literal nectar of the gods, aloe vera juice seems like a pretty good stopgap!

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