Snapple Facts: Everything You Need to Know About Snapple

Younger folks may be aware of Snapple as a tasty ice tea sold in plastic bottles. But other people of a certain age know Snapple as much more. Snapple is the Snapple Lady commercials, Snapple Facts, and heavy glass bottles. But what is Snapple, really? When did Snapple come out and who owns it? Let’s get all the facts on Snapple!

What is Snapple?

Snapple is a popular brand of iced tea and juice drinks that became a quirky pop culture sensation in the ‘90s. Snapple is still around and still selling massive amounts of tea, but some of their unique touchstones have gone away. Snapple had a popular series of commercials in the ‘90s featuring The Snapple Lady responding to customers’ letters. The actress playing the Snapple Lady, Wendy Kaufman, really did work for Snapple! Snapple used to be known as the drink that came in a heavy glass bottle. But they switched to plastic in 2017. Snapple also was known for having interesting tidbits of trivia under their bottle caps known as Snapple Facts. Those Snapple Facts are still around, but you may not want to believe all of them. More on that in a minute.

When did Snapple come out? Who is the owner of Snapple?

Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg started Snapple in 1972, but back in those days it was fruit juice that was sold out of health food stores under the label Unadulterated Food Products. They had a carbonated apple juice that they called Snapple—a combination of snappy and apple—and they liked that name so much that they renamed the whole company. In 1987, Snapple released their first tea. The teas made them a sensation. 

Who owns Snapple now?

Eventually Snapple was sold to new owners. It changed hands several times and finally wound up with its current owner, Keurig Dr Pepper.

Does Snapple have caffeine?

Snapple may be “made from the best stuff on Earth,” according to their slogan, but is it made with caffeine? Snapple sells a wide range of teas and all of them have caffeine. Snapple’s fruit juices, however, are uncaffeinated. 

Does Snapple expire?

Snapple does not put an expiration date on its bottles, instead opting for a manufactured date. They claim their products do not expire as in, they don’t go rancid. However, if Snapple is consumed way after its manufacture date, it will lose its flavor and potency. 

What’s up with Snapple Facts?

One of Snapple’s most unique features are the Snapple Facts under their caps. Are Snapple Facts true? Snapple has insisted that all of these are fact-checked by an internal team. But many of these facts have actually been proven false. Jeez, if you can’t trust a Snapple Fact these days, what can you trust? 

How many Snapple facts are there?

As of February 2023, there have been 1,677 Snapple Facts. Snapple announced they will be using an AI program to begin sourcing new facts. I applied to be the new Snapple Facts writer but they didn’t like my samples. I just kept writing “Snapple is good.” Oh well, their loss.

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