What to Dip in Ranch Dressing

Ever buy a big ol’ bottle of ranch (because a good Boy Scout is always prepared) but then realize ranch is sort of perishable even when kept in the fridge and you have to use it up someday soon or you’ll have wasted your money? No? Just me? Well, whether or not you can relate to this specific conundrum, I’m sure you could use a list of things that are perfect for dipping in it. So without further ado, here are our pics for the top six things to dip in ranch.

This would not be a credible “what to dip in ranch” article without pizza on the list, so, don’t worry, we’ve got it on here twice. This Motor City Detroit Style pizza is truly the best frozen pizza out there. It’s got “high, doughy crust and cheesy, crispy edges,” which provide the “perfect base for a mound of toppings and is just plain satisfying in a way thin crust pizza never is,” according to Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling. She liked this one so much she said she would “buy it with [her] own cash.” What more do you need to hear? Go buy some of this and dip it in some ranch.

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Banza Four Cheese Gluten Free Pizza

As promised, there is a second pizza on this list, and, surprise! It’s gluten-free! Yes, even gluten-free people need something to dip in their copious amounts of ranch. Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo described the sauce as being “warm, bright, and pungent,” and he noted that the cheese is a “tangy blend of mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and white cheddar.” He also sang the praises of the crust, calling it “crispy on the bottom but not cracker-like.” Danny loved that the chickpea crust gives this ‘za a “savory, protein-rich quality that feels absolutely nourishing in a way that flour crust often does not.” If that appeals to you, get out there and dip this bad boy in your ranch (not a euphemism—ranch on pizza is sexy enough as it is).                  

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Nothing like some good ol’ ranch and chicken tenders. When I think of what to dip in ranch, chicken tenders are immediately top of mind (and grocery list…along with some ranch). There are few things better than tendies and ranch, and these are truly the best frozen ones you can buy. Danny described these as having “some nice spice in the breading that offers a welcome burst of flavor.” He also said the meat tastes “fresh and clean,” and “actually tastes like chicken breast,” not some weird paste (potentially) made of chicken. These extremely juicy tenders are ready for a trip to your freezer. In conclusion, get these, get ranch, repeat.

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Vegetables (duh)

Woohoo! Fiber! Vitamins! Other Stuff! Health!

Wings and ranch go together like, well, wings and ranch. There are few more satisfying things in this world than sweet honey BBQ wings doused in ranch. This was my go-to at Applebee’s as a kid and, honestly, young me truly knew what was up. But now I’m an adult, and who needs Applebee’s when you have ranch in your fridge and a freezer ready to accept some delicious hot and spicy wings? Especially when those wings have an even balance of “crispy texture, tender meat, and amazing flavor.” Do your ranch a favor and introduce it to these wings.

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New York Bakery Original Texas Toast Caesar Croutons

Cut out the middle man and make the salad you actually want to be eating: a pile of croutons doused in ranch. And not just any croutons. We’re talking the best croutons on the market with the best salad dressing/all-purpose dip around? According to Sporked managing editor Gwynedd Stuart, these croutons “really give you the impression they began their lives as well-loved pieces of buttery garlic bread.” As for the texture, they are “crunchy without being so solid they’ll break your teeth and the quality of the bread really comes through as you chew.” Plus they taste bold and super garlicky, just like a certain salad dressing that would go great with these. What’s that? Oh, you think I meant ranch? You got me, I meant ranch. Get these and live out your younger self’s crouton-and-ranch salad dreams!

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