What to Drink at the Gym Besides Water

Ask anyone who knows things about the human body and how it works: There’s nothing better to drink at the gym than water. When you workout, you want to stay hydrated and water is nature’s ultimate hydrator. Of course, there are reasons you might want to drink something besides water at the gym. The main one? Only drinking water is sort of boring. Plus, you’re going to the gym and you deserve a little treat, dammit. We won’t say any of the drinks on this list are superior to water in terms of hydration—that’s not really what we do here—but we can tell you what tastes good. Here’s what to drink at the gym besides water.

Gatorade Lime Cucumber

Gatorade Lime Cucumber is what you’d get if you turned spa water into a satisfying sports drink. From the moment you crack the cap, you get a fresh cucumber scent that will save your nostrils from the sharp smell of the gym. And when you take a sip, you’re hit with a vibrant lime flavor that complements the bright, vegetal flavor of cucumber. If you’re looking for something to drink at the gym besides water, this is a sophisticated choice (you know, for Gatorade).

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Celsius Sparkling Orange

I’m not here to vouch for Celsius as a “healthy energy” drink but as an addition to your pre-workout beverage rotation, it sure is tasty. The Sporked crew especially loves the Sparkling Orange flavor, which they called “flavorful,” “sweet,” and bursting with tingly carbonation that makes it taste like a delicious orange soda that just so happens to pack a punch of caffeine. This also works as a post-gym drink to help you get through the rest of the day. Any way you slice it (get it? like an orange?), this is a tasty drink to toss in the ol’ gym bag.

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True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade

We’re not here to kick water to the curb. We’re here to introduce some flavor to your Hydro Flask (or beverage vessel of choice), and a packet of True Lemon Strawberry Lemonade is one way to do just that. Stir one of these packets into your water and, voila, you have sweet, tangy, citrusy lemonade. One of these will definitely make that water from the locker room sink taste better.

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Monster Hydro Killer Kiwi

I know what you’re thinking. Monster at the gym?!?! Believe me, Monster is so much more than that toxic-looking green can you knew and loved in middle school. They have actual options now, and one of the best we’ve tasted—especially if you’re looking for what to drink at the gym besides water—is Monster Hydro Killer Kiwi. I realize a name like that is not a huge selling point for my argument, but trust me. The only thing this non-carbonated “killer kiwi” energy drink will kill is your thirst, baby.

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Liquid IV Lemon Lime

Liquid IV claims to be a great way to add electrolytes, essential vitamins, and, of course, flavor to plain ol’ water. The Lemon Lime variety has a powerful, zippy flavor that keeps you sipping. Lemon and lime are both present, but neither overwhelms the other. I truly don’t understand the science behind “hydration multipliers,” but I do know this one tastes good, and that counts for something when you want something besides water to drink at the gym. Toss a couple of these in your gym bag and treat yourself—you’ve earned it, you iron-pumper you.

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