What to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Finding the motivation to go to the gym is hard. The secret to making it bearable is giving yourself little rewards along the way. Here at Sporked, we’re big on little treats—especially of the drinkable, edible variety. Truly, what better way is there to make it through the last round of reps (or whatever people do at the gym) than knowing you have a fun drink or tasty snack nestled in your gym bag? We can’t think of anything. Here are some healthy, tasty, and practical goodies to pack in your gym bag the next time you want to spin or lift or row or whatever you do to stay fit.

Essentia Bottled Water

I don’t pay enough to go to a gym where I trust the water in the drinking fountain. Between everyone sweating all over it and the years I can assume have elapsed since the filter was changed—no thank you! I like to get the “good stuff” (sorry, not the $30 water from Erewhon). Essentia is amazing. As Sporked editor-in-chief Justine Sterling put it, it’s “like drinking a crystal clear blue sky.” It’s light and crisp, and it’s the best bottled water to pack in your gym bag. (And yes, we sincerely think this water is good enough to count as a treat.)

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Monster Hydro Killer Kiwi

If you need a boost of energy on the way to the gym, having a bottle Monster Hydro Killer Kiwi alongside the dirty underwear in your gym bag will be your saving grace. Since it’s not carbonated, it’s kind of like a cross between a sports drink and an energy drink. And it won’t leave you burping through your Zumba class. Oh and did we mention this particular flavor slaps? It doesn’t necessarily taste like kiwi, but it’s fruity and tangy and it isn’t salty like hydration drinks tend to be. Whether you need something to get you through your workout or something to get you through the three hours of actual work you still have to do on your laptop after you leave the gym, this is a tasty choice.

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Chomps Original Beef Sticks

I like to think of the beef stick as the original protein bar. They’re pure and simple, not to mention perfect for people who lean savory and don’t want a super sweet gym snack in their gym bag. Chomps Original Beef Sticks are the best damn beef sticks we found in our beef stick taste test. No frills here—just good, beefy flavor. They’re salty, savory, meaty, and delicious. Plus, they’re shelf stable so you can toss one of these in your gym bag and keep it there until the straps fall off!

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Gatorade Chocolate Chip Protein Bar

Who knew Gatorade made protein bars? Well, we did, but that’s beside the point. We tried their Chocolate Chip Protein Bar in our second protein bar taste test and loved it. This thing is super tasty—it definitely qualifies as a treat rather than pre- or post-gym compulsory sustenance. These bars have an authentic chocolate flavor that pairs with crunchy rice bits for a satisfying bite. They’re huge, too! Keep a few of these in your bag to snack on after the gym so you’re not tempted to stop at Dunkin’ on the way home and throw all your hard work right out the window.

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Fairlife Core Power Vanilla

I know, I know. Does a protein shake really count as a treat to pack in your gym bag for motivational purposes? Well, if it’s Fairlife’s vanilla shake, it definitely counts. Say goodbye to the chalky protein powder shakes you’re used to and hello to creamy and delicious salvation. This tastes like melted vanilla ice cream in a bottle. Plus, Fairlife’s Core Power shakes are shelf stable (until you open them, of course), so you can toss one in your gym bag and leave it there until the time is right.

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