We Tried Whole Foods’ New Breakfast Taco-Flavored Tortilla Chips

What do you like in your breakfast tacos? Probably some eggs, cheese, salsa (so that’s tomato, onion, cilantro, maybe some garlic, if you’re cataloging ingredients with me), and a meat of some sort. Something spicy like chorizo. Doesn’t everyone want to start the day brimming with farts and doubled over with crippling heartburn? (Yes. We do.)

What I’m getting at here is that breakfast tacos are packed with a lot of flavors. Could the seasoning dust coating these new Breakfast Taco-flavored Tortilla Chips from 365 possibly encompass that broad range of ingredients to create something that would fulfill the promise of a breakfast taco experience?

365 Breakfast taco tortilla chips

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365 Breakfast Taco-Flavored Tortilla Chips

Listen. Far be it from me to discourage brands from developing wild chip flavors. There are so, so few fun things in life when you’re an adult. I’m passing a kidney stone, like, as we speak. And I have to go to the DMV this week. New and exciting chips are kind of all I have. Sadly, these breakfast taco-flavored chips from Whole Foods housebrand 365 just don’t live up to their many-component promise. Sporked staff writer Danny Palumbo and I decided these were lacking any meaty flavor. In fact, they’re pretty one note, and that note is just chili powder. Sure, it gives them a little bit of a chorizo-y kick, but the other flavors don’t really make an appearance. Does anyone really want chips that taste like scrambled eggs? Maybe, maybe not. But don’t promise something you can’t deliver on. The chips themselves are sturdy, fresh, and crunchy. Dip them in queso to conjure up a more well-rounded flavor experience.




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