7 Peeps Flavors That Should Exist

Y’all, we currently live in a world where there are 20-plus flavors of Peeps. That’s right. More than 20 flavors of sugary, chick- and rabbit-shaped marshmallows. Do we need more? Absolutely not. Will we get more regardless? 100%. So we may as well give the Peeps people suggestions for new Peeps flavors that we will like, on the off chance we end up buying Peeps someday. (BTW, if you’re a Peeps fan, we recently ranked 15 varieties.) So, without further ado, peep these seven Peeps flavors that should exist.

Lemon Meringue

I mean, why haven’t they done this? The lemony, vanilla-y nature of this classic pie flavor would lend itself perfectly to a pale-yellow, chick-shaped marshmallow. I would maybe even buy these. Unironically.

Toasted Marshmallow

Now, I know this seems a bit morbid in a way. And I really don’t know how they would do this without it just looking like a bunch of half-melted, brown-and-white chicks. But if anyone can do the alchemical calculus to figure out exactly how to make a crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, caramelized, shelf-stable, and still chick-shaped marshmallow, it’s Peeps. And I would have to buy these out of respect for the Peep scientists and their craft. Or they could just literally sell half-melted toasted Peeps and make it a Halloween thing.

Chocolate Covered Coconut Peeps with an Almond Butter Center

They’ve already made coconut-flavored Peeps that are dipped in dark chocolate, and they make Peeps that are filled with things like caramel. So, hear me out: What if they did this coconut one but filled it with almond butter, and basically made it the world’s softest Almond Joy? I might also buy this one, and I cannot stress to you guys enough how much I do not buy Peeps.

Matcha Latte

She’s sophisticated, she’s green, and her inherent bitterness would balance perfectly with the sweet vanilla-y character of the marshmallow. Make these!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Cocoa-y, vanilla-y, cinnamon-y Peeps with a hint of heat all dipped in chocolate. MMMMMMMMM.

The Chili from the Good Place Flavor

I mean, is there a more iconic application of Peeps that has made its way into the zeitgeist? In the words of Chidi Anagonye, “You put the Peeps in the chili pot and makes it taste…bad.” And, yeah, it may be bad, but I want it now just for the memes. These would be savory chili- and Peanut M&M-flavored Peeps, and they would be perfect for practical jokes or even mental breakdowns. (Chidi got through it; so can we!)


They’ve made candy corn flavor, they’ve made kettle corn flavor, but that whole time Peeps was just dancing around the true king of flavors all along: straight-up corn. The corn kid knew it, Peeps just had to hear it from us. Please make a sweet corn-on-the-cob Peep!! It would be so extremely weird and potentially not great, depending on the nature of the corn flavor they wound up using. But deep down I believe in the corn Peep. There is something very “circle of life” about it. Plus, they would have the juice, and that’s priceless.

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  • I think you guys should make hostess flavored peeps