A Cheesy Review of the New Black Truffle & Sea Salt Boursin

Boursin is perfect. The herby cheese spread is so iconically delicious. When I see it at a party, I make a beeline for it. Plus, it’s super versatile. Eat it with crackers! Use it as a vegetable dip! Spread it on a sandwich! The possibilities are endless when it comes to a spreadable cheese this good.

Now, a new limited edition flavor has entered the Boursin multiverse: Black Truffle & Sea Salt. It sounds good, but could it possibly live up to the flawlessness of the classic Boursin?

truffle boursin

New Product!

Boursin Black Truffle & Sea Salt

Long story short: This stuff is delicious. And it would totally be a perfect ten Sporks if classic Boursin wasn’t already perfect. This new Boursin is not an improvement on the classic Boursin simply because the classic Boursin cannot be improved upon.

My advice is to not compare this new Boursin flavor to the original. Think of it as its own creamy, cheesy, truffle-y spread. The truffle flavor is perfect. It’s not artificial or overpowering. This would be great with crackers or mixed into pasta to create a creamy truffle sauce. We ended up just mostly eating it with a spoon. Buy it before it’s gone!

Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart




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