Springy Aldi Finds We Are Stoked to Try in March

Time continues to March endlessly onward, whether we want it to or not. Case in point, it is already March, my dudes! Home to the most important three holidays of the year: Pi Day (March 14), St. Patty’s Day (March 17), and March 4th (the punny holiday where you get to stand up, salute, and walk toward anyone who says the date to you). And those bangers otherwise known as holidays are not the only things to look forward to. There are also a bunch of new and cool Aldi finds hitting shelves in March. So March 4th with us into the world of Aldi finds, so we can tell you, dear reader, what we believe to be the most exciting new Aldi items to hit shelves this month.

Friendly Farms Flavored Whipped Topping Key Lime or Lemon Meringue

This whipped topping appears to be, essentially, key lime or lemon meringue pie in a spray can. This means that one could ostensibly throw caution to the wind and convention out the window and make an Uno Reverse key lime pie with a vanilla cream filling and this glorious concoction on top. I hope the “one” who does that is me. I’m so curious. One could alternatively spray this stuff onto graham crackers like Easy Cheese and eat it that way…for the record I would like to do this, too. ($2.99, available March 13)

Choceur Peanut Butter Bunnies

These are like Reese’s but they come in cute lil bunny shapes. For my money, they are both more detailed and less creepy than the Reese’s mini Easter bunnies, but I can’t speak to taste or chocolate-to-PB ratio—we’ll just have to try them and find out. ($3.99, available March 6)

Choceur Bunny Bark Available

It’s funny because bunnies aren’t dogs. What would a bunny bark even sound like? Aldi’s servin’ up mysteries over here. ($3.99, available March 6)

Choceur Chocolate Eggs Available

This looks to be akin to a Cadbury Creme Egg but fancier. These are sold in a mini egg carton and even appear to come with a teeny tiny wooden spoon to scoop out the sweet cream with. I want it. Yes, I want to see if it holds up to the one and only iconic creme egg, but I also want a mini spoon and egg carton because I am an adult and I am allowed to have a hankering for mini spoons and fake eggs in a colorful carton. ($2.99, available March 6)

Reggano Easter Shaped Pasta Available

These little pasta shapes are just too cute. Aldi’s comin’ at us with chicks, eggs, bunnies, carrots, and three different vibrant pasta colors—honestly what more could you want in a bag of seasonal pasta shapes?? ($2.49, available March 20)

Southern Grove Springtime and Honey Bunny Trail Mix

Southern Grove Trail Mix is up in here looking suspiciously like one certain Trader Joe’s Springle Jangle. But unlike Spingle Jangle, Aldi has two different varieties to choose from: Springtime (yummy chow, pastel candies, peanuts, peanut butter drops, dark chocolate chips, and mini peanut butter cups) and Honey Bunny (honey roasted peanuts, pastel candies, white chocolate chunks, graham cracker bites, yogurt covered raisins and marshmallow bits). Arguably the most adorable trail mix names to ever grace your eyeballs, and some of the tastiest looking trail mix ingredient rosters you have ever seen. ($3.99, available March 13)

Emporium Selection Easter Truckle Assortment

Question of the day: What the truck is a truckle? Turns out it’s cheese, my dudes! Maybe it’s a British thing, maybe it’s Maybelline, but either way, this truckle includes three different truckle-y cheeses to sample: lemon and honey, raspberry and white chocolate, and an aged English cheddar, all of which both sound and look absolutely fabulous. In terms of senses and this truckle cheese, all that’s left are to touch, taste, and smell it! And I just might do all those things as soon as March 20 rolls around and I truckle on over to the nearest Aldi. ($3.99, available 3/20)

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