The Best Frozen Quiche for a No-Fuss Brunch

The best frozen quiche is a brilliant brunch solution. Seriously, why are we all spending Sunday mornings waiting in line when we could be filling our nostrils and stomachs with buttery pie crust, custardy eggs, and fillings like bacon and Gruyère. Kinda dumb when you think about it, huh? 

As a society, I don’t think we’re eating enough quiche. We’ll eat heaps of scrambled eggs and, when the holidays roll around, we’ll go to town on a sugary fruit- or nut-stuffed pie, but there’s something about a savory tart that brings together pie crust and eggs that just seems so indulgent. But listen: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but things aren’t going great here on planet Earth! You have to eat quiche while you can! For this taste test of the best store bought quiche, we sure did—in fact, we ate X different frozen quiches, both full-sized and mini. 

To find the best frozen mini quiche, the best quiche lorraine, and the best quiche florentine, we stocked up on pretty much every quiche we could find at the grocery store, and judged each one on the quality of the crust and the flavor of the filling. When it’s done right, the best frozen quiche really tastes just as good as what you’d get at that twee local bakery that always has a line down the block. So, whether you’re planning a baby shower brunch or you need sophisticated snacky apps for your Bridgerton watch party, you’ll find the best store bought quiche for your needs on our list.

target mini quiche review best mini quiche

Best Pastry Shell

Good & Gather Petite Quiche Collection

Personally, I think that quiche, even mini quiche, should always come in flaky, buttery pie crust. These Good & Gather mini quiches break the rules by coming in cups made of flaky filo. That means they aren’t as decadent as other mini quiches, but they taste great all the same. (And I’m not sure what else you’d call mini egg souffles in pastry cups.) The box comes with three flavors: Florentine, Three Cheese & Onion, and Mushroom Pepper. The three cheese is the star. The eggy filling is super salty and savory. The florentine is good, too. Other frozen quiche florentine we tasted had an aggressive spinach flavor. These are eggy and earthy, but I wouldn’t turn up my nose at a little extra filling. The mushroom-pepper quiches are the letdown. They’re very bland. They’ll be the stragglers left on the tray at the end of the party. But, as Meatloaf once said, two out of three ain’t bad. And that goes for the best mini quiche, too.




la terra fina quiche lorraine review

Best Quiche Lorraine Runner-Up

La Terra Fina Quiche Lorraine

This wasn’t the best quiche lorraine we tried in our taste test, but it deserves a spot on this list for a few reasons. For instance, I think this frozen quiche actually tastes more like quiche than the best quiche lorraine on this list (see #2), but La Terra Fina’s crust isn’t nearly as good. That said, this frozen quiche is made with bacon rather than ham, so if you prefer a little more smoky flavor in your quiche lorraine, you should buy this instead of our top pick. I also like that this quiche’s filling has a lot of nice onion flavor, which makes it hew a little more closely to what a quiche lorraine is supposed to taste like. Lastly, this quiche is made to serve a larger group and the best quiche lorraine on this list can really only serve four people, max. And it tastes good enough that people won’t realize you aren’t serving them the best quiche lorraine at the grocery store. I promise.




best quiche florentine la terra fina quiche review

Best Quiche Florentine

La Terra Fina Spinach Artichoke

Okay, this isn’t technically quiche florentine, but it’s a spinach quiche and if that’s what you’re in the mood for, this is going to hit the spot. The greens have bite and lots of vegetal, spinach-y flavor. The filling is very well-seasoned and contains a good amount of cheese to keep things nice and salty (in a good way). And the artichokes add just a little something extra—they’re a little briny and very bright. The only shortcoming, really, is the crust. It just doesn’t have that crispy buttery thing going for it. I’d overcook this a bit just to see if you can get the crust to crisp up a little bit more, but it’s still some of the best frozen quiche we tried.




best petite quiche

Best Mini Quiche

Nancy’s Petite Quiche

Nancy’s makes the best frozen mini quiche, hands down. Instantly, these two-bite tarts are more visually appealing than other mini quiches. The crust is thick and it’s nicely browned, even before you heat them in the oven. The filling looks fluffy and rises a bit in the middle. You get two flavors in the variety pack: lorraine and florentine. Of all the mini quiche lorraine we tried, this was the best. Others had an almost acrid bacon flavor—these are perfect. There’s a lot of onion, which gives the filling a really nice texture, too. The egg is nice and custardy. The bacon isn’t overwhelming, but it contributes a good amount of salt and a touch of smoke. The florentine is good, too. It doesn’t benefit from the salty pop from the bacon, but the crust is golden and flaky. If you want to treat your friends to the best mini quiche, this is the way to go. 




best frozen quiche lorraine trader joe's frozen quiche

Best Quiche Lorraine

Trader Joe’s Quiche Lorraine

Trader Joe’s does a few things very right, and making the best frozen quiche is one of them. This frozen quiche lorraine is delicious. It has a lot of everything good: smoky cubed ham, Swiss cheese—there’s actual cheese pull when you bite into a slice—and butter. I’m telling ya, there’s a lot of butter in this crust and that’s why it’s so damn good. Granted, the bottom crust was a touch soggy (a bit of a results-typical situation for frozen quiche), but the outer crust? Oh, hell yes. It’s so crisp and golden and so, so buttery. I cut a little slice of this for everyone in the office like I was dishing up a very small birthday cake. The whole thing is very well seasoned and very delicious. This is the best frozen quiche for a small gathering. (Although I probably would have split this with just one other person if I hadn’t looked at the nutrition info on the box—eep!)




trader joe's broccoli cheddar quiche

Best of the Best

Trader Joe’s Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche

I didn’t expect this individually sized quiche to be the best quiche we tried in our taste test, mostly because I recently had Trader Joe’s broccoli cheddar soup and it really sucks. This frozen quiche is a very different story. It’s so cheddary and savory. The crust cooks unbelievably well all the way around—bottom and all. It’s so flaky. There’s a good amount of crust, but I promise you won’t mind. Could it use a touch more broccoli? Maybe. But it’s still fantastic and so deeply cheesy and satisfying. Also, more broccoli may have sogged the bottom crust. As is, this thing is perfect. If you work on a farm or something and want a very heavy lunch, this is what you should buy. It’s the best frozen quiche at the grocery store.




Other products we tried: La Terra Fina Cheesy Broccoli Quiche, Raised Gluten Free Vegan Quiche, Signature Select Florentine Mini Quiche, Signature Select Bacon Mini Quiche, Kroger Mini Quiche Duo, Nancy’s Quiche Lorraine

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