Summery Aldi Finds We Can’t Wait to Try in June

June is here and that means the start of summer is right around the corner. If you’re having trouble getting excited about three-plus months of relentless heat and humidity, we hear you. We’re here to give you something else to get excited about: new Aldi finds for the month of June. Everyone’s favorite discount grocer is known for cranking out fun seasonal products, and we got a sneak peek at some of the best new and returning Aldi items you’ll find in stores in June. Here are six new Aldi products we’re dying to try—we’ll worry about dying from the heat later.

Emporium Selection Baked Lemon Ricotta

Nothing screams “summer is here” quite like a light, creamy, lemon-flavored cheese. This is a returning Aldi product that already has a fanbase. One Redditor called it “AMAZING,” and we’re not about to argue with their all-caps endorsement. Smear this onto crostini or mix it into pasta for a tangy summer treat. ($3.99; available June 12)

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Journey To…Greece Rosemary & Feta and Tzatziki Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

Tzatziki? Rosemary & Feta? I’m more excited than I’d like to admit about being able to try these flavors in chip form. These chips give me the opportunity to spend the summer chomping away, imagining I’m sunbathing on the Island of Skopelos while trying to figure out which of my mother’s three boyfriends is really my dad. Ahhhh, what a dreamy summer, all in two bags of chips. And spending approximately four bucks on this pair of Aldi finds is much more budget friendly than a trip to Europe. ($1.95; available June 19)

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Park Street Deli Smoky Peach and Mango Habanero Salsa

Fruity salsas can be controversial—but hey, isn’t all salsa fruit salsa if you are very literal about what a tomato is?? Mango-habanero is already a tried-and-true flavor combination, so we’re a bit more excited about the daring smoky peach salsa coming to Aldi this June. I’m imagining ripe sweetness with a pop of chipotle-esque warmth on the finish. Just don’t forget the tortilla chips. ($2.79; available June 26)

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Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Why the HELL did it takes so long for someone to combine two of the best comfort foods into one frozen pizza? Mama Cozzi, you’re wild and I love it! My mouth is already watering thinking about devouring a crispy pizza with all the decadent cheesiness of a popper and that wonderful fruity, vegetal jalapeño kick at the end to cut through the rich flavors. Does it pair well with a strawberry dipping sauce? We’ll know soon enough. ($3.99; available June 5)

Baker’s Corner Funnel Cake Kit

This returning Aldi product looks like the most fun thing ever. You get a pitcher full of powdered funnel cake batter; all you need to do is add water, drizzle it into hot oil, and, voila! No more waiting in line at the carnival or at Six Flags to quash your funnel cake cravings. Catch me role playing as a busy exec in a Hallmark movie whose family funnel cake stand will go out of business if she doesn’t reconnect with her childhood crush and return to her hometown to fix everything. ($3.49; available June 19)

Season’s Choice Loaded Tater Barrel

Listen, I’ve never heard of a “tater barrel” before, but I am extremely ready to try these. It’s hard to tell from the package exactly how big these suckers are, but given that a serving size is one barrel, I’m guessing they are (very) oversized tater tots. Oh and did I mention they’re stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and diced jalapeños? If you love an egregiously decadent potato side dish, make sure this is one of the Aldi finds that lands in your cart in June. ($3.99; available June 12)

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