Should These Dill Pickle Jelly Beans Be in Your Basket This Year?

Everybody knows Easter candy has to be three main things: egg-shaped, bunny-related, and…pickle flavored? That’s right. This year pickle purveyor Claussen made the insane decision to partner with Frankford Candy company to give us dill pickle jelly beans. Jelly beans that supposedly taste like dill pickles, aka something jelly beans, ideally, should never, ever taste like. But they went ahead and did it anyway, and, as is the solemn duty of the Sporked team, the tastes had to be tested. So here we are. Brace yourselves. We tested the taste of these Claussen Pickle Jelly Beans.

claussen dill pickle jelly beans

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Claussen Pickle Jelly Beans

Upon first ripping open the little packet of pale green beans, it smelled like I’d just ripped open a bag of dill pickle potato chips. That or a container of dried dill and vinegar. So far, so pickle. Then I steeled my nerves and decided to suck it up and try them.

Pros: Okay, this is insane and I can’t believe I am saying this, but these jelly beans taste like Claussen Dill Pickles. They just do. The first thing that hits is sweetness, followed by a startlingly accurate dill pickle flavor and a slight hint of salt. I am shocked. These are actually kind of, dare I say it, good? Not that I would eat handfuls of them—one bean was enough for me. But these are, unequivocally, about as good as a pickle jelly bean could possibly get. They set out to make dill pickle jelly beans and, by golly, they’ve done it.

Cons: The strangest thing about these is the sweetness, but with a bit more salt and acidity they’d honestly be 100% there. They could have chosen more of a gherkin/bread and butter pickle flavor to play into the sweet nature of a jelly bean, but what they have actually done is potentially more impressive given that dill pickles aren’t sweet and these jelly beans aren’t totally disgusting. The aftertaste was a bit strange because it felt like I had just eaten a garlicky, dilly jelly bean. Probably because I had just eaten a garlicky, dilly jelly bean. Then the aftertaste faded and I was left alone with my thoughts, questioning everything I had ever known…and everything I thought I knew.




Would I eat more than one of these dill pickle jelly beans? No. But do I regret eating the one I ate? Also no…it was kind of…fun!? Help me out here, guys, I don’t know what to think anymore. Up is down, left is right, and jelly bean is pickle. If you like pickles as well as buying things just for giggles n’ shits, definitely give these a try. Otherwise, just live vicariously through me and take my word for it: These are in fact jelly beans, and yes, they do taste shockingly similar to Claussen dill pickles.

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  • These are getting mixed with regular jelly beans and being hidden for Easter. I can’t wait!!! 😈