Stop and Taste the Rose-Shaped Ice Cream Cones at Aldi This Summer

They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet (although I think a rose named “Stank Bomb” would smell terrible). So if that saying is true, does that mean an ice cream named “Rose Cones” would taste as sweet? Well, now we can put this theory to the test because Aldi’s in-house ice cream brand, Sundae Shoppe, has released two kinds of Rose Cone ice cream for us to try.

I know what you’re thinking, how are there two flavors of rose flavor? And that’s where the fun comes in: These cones aren’t rose-flavored, they are rose-shaped. Each consists of a classic cone with the ice cream at the top shaped like the most romantic of flowers. They’re real beauties, if you ask me, and they come in two flavors: chocolate hazelnut and vanilla ice cream in a regular wafer cone, and strawberry and cream ice cream in a cocoa-flavored waffle cone. It actually says “flavored ice dessert” on the packaging and not ice cream. Why? It’s beyond me. Does it bother me? Not especially. Besides, “flavored ice dessert” was my nickname in high school (air quotes included).

This isn’t the first time these Rose Cones have come to Aldi. It seems the strawberry and cream cones were briefly introduced for Mother’s Day last year. And now they’ve brought them back, plus the new chocolate hazelnut and vanilla flavor, just for funsies. These actually look so incredibly cool. Maybe consider giving one to your significant other on a hot day in the near future. I bet they’d appreciate it. And hey, it beats giving them a rose named “Stank Bomb.”

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