Trader Joe’s Does the Impossible with Their New Boba Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Trader Joe’s recently released a coconut-based treat that is surely going to become a staple in my freezer. As a lover of bubble tea—and a victim of dairy intolerance—this frozen dessert makes me feel seen. It’s the perfect solution for any late night boba cravings.

trader joe's boba ice cream

New Product

Black Tea and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Trader Joe’s knows their way around a coconut-based frozen dessert. Their strawberry-flavored coconut ice cream walked so that their new coconut-based black tea boba ice cream could SPRINT. Trader Joe’s has convinced me that coconut milk is the secret to great non-dairy ice cream. Almond or oat milk-based products can have a chalky mouthfeel, but this coconut-based ice cream is unforgettably creamy. Plus, there’s no detectable coconut flavor. Instead, you can really taste the brown sugar syrup in this ice cream. The molasses-like taste adds a richer depth to the initial black tea flavor. And, just like its liquid counterpart, the floral taste of the black tea component is very prominent. Now, let’s talk about those tapioca pearls. I was half expecting the boba to be frozen, but they are perfectly chewy and saturated with rich honey flavor. The pearls are perfectly distributed throughout the pint, making it easy to get one in almost every bite without having to dig. After tasting this, I believe all ice cream should contain boba. Incredibly high marks for this product, I cannot recommend it enough if you are already a boba tea fan.




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