A Corny Review of Trader Joe’s Corn Ribs

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve definitely seen these viral corn ribs all over your fyp. For those of you who aren’t, corn ribs are essentially slivers of corn on the cob that you can eat like a rib. These aren’t particularly appealing to me, but people seem to love them! And, as is the case with so many viral food trends, Trader Joe’s recently released its own rendition. We tried their new Seasoned Corn Ribs, and here’s our take:

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Corn Ribs

According to Trader Joe’s, their mission was to make the “treasured activity” of eating corn on the cob “even more fun” with the creation of their Seasoned Corn Ribs. These are basically normal corn, but a little different. They’re made with lots of (plant-based) butter and salt, like any good ear of corn. They also cook quickly, which is nice.

All that being said, we’re torn on the corn. The “ribs” taste good, but in the way that corn on the cob generally tastes good. They’re also harder to eat than regular corn on the cob. They’re made for Trader Joe’s in Italy, a place I don’t immediately think of when I think of corn on the cob. I know these were viral on TikTok, but I’m not sure TJ’s needed to hop on this trend.

Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s




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  • The corn ribs are delicious but sometimes they have a lot of rotten corn ribs in the bags. They also sometimes have scraps in the bags.