What to Eat With Frozen Waffles

Frozen waffles are great. One could even say that when it comes to breakfast foods, they are the best thing since sliced bread. And while having them with syrup is great (and definitely reflected on this list), sometimes you want to spice up your pedestrian, everyday frozen waffles with the best spice there is: variety. So without further waffling, here is our list of what to eat with frozen waffles.

Clover Sonoma Sweetened Whipped Topping

Leslie Knope would be proud of us for including this one. Whipped cream truly is one of the best things you could eat with waffles of any kind, from toaster waffles to restaurant ones. The crispetty, crunchetty waffle with the sweet, creamy, airy Clover whipped cream? Say less. Senior writer Jordan Myrick liked this whipped cream so much they called it “luxurious.” Go try this stuff; you will not be disappointed.

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I mean, a classic. Wondering what to eat with frozen waffles? You’re looking at it. The hazelnutty, chocolatey beauty that is Nutella kind of goes with everything, and waffles are no exception. You’ll feel like you’re getting your protein fix because it’s made of nuts, but it’s also brimming with cocoa goodness. Use this to make a frozen waffle sammich and thank us later.

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JIF Creamy Peanut Butter

Ah yes, the even more classic peanut butter on frozen waffles. I’ve eaten this for breakfast countless times; it’s such a delicious and hearty breakfast, I’m sure most people have at one point or another. But have they done it with our top peanut butter pick, JIF Creamy peanut butter? JIF is a nutty, creamy delight, and managing editor Gwynedd Stuart marveled at how the taste “evolves as it settles on your tongue—sweetness rears its head, along with just the right amount of saltiness.” Guess the choosy moms were right all along!

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Pearl Milling Company Original Syrup

Stay up late swappin’ manly stories, because in the morning, THIS is what you want on those waffles. Jordan called this syrup “the syrup”—you open up this bottle and it immediately smells like breakfast time. They noted that the maple flavor is strong but not overwhelmingly so, and that this syrup tastes “buttery and sweet and a little salty.” What more could you ask for in a syrup? Stop waffling and get this one.

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Good & Gather Crispy Chicken Breast Strips

Yes, you can make chicken and waffles out of frozen chicken and frozen waffles. If you do it right, you can make this at home and basically make it restaurant quality, especially if you opt for the fluffy, crispy Belgian frozen waffles that won our taste test and pair them with these delicious chicken tenders from Good & Gather. These tenders are divine. They taste like actual chicken and have “some nice spice in the breading that offers a welcome burst of flavor.” If you are wondering what to eat with waffles, make some chicken and waffles for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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Impossible Sausage Savory

Lastly, make a waffle breakfast sandwich with all the appropriate accoutrement. What are those accoutrements, you might be wondering? Well, I say you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ sausage, egg, and cheese, all served with a bit of syrup for dipping. If you think about it, this is basically a waffle McGriddles and I am here for it. Plus, this Impossible Sausage is so good. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you won’t be able to tell it’s not meat, and either way, you won’t really care. Why? Because, as Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo said, this Impossible Sausage is “spiced perfectly, and the meat is meaty.” One could say that they designed this meat substitute impossibly well.

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