3 Fake April Fools’ Day Products We Absolutely Wish Were Real

Ah, April Fools’ Day. We love it, we hate it, we forget it’s a thing. That is until we see one of our favorite companies announce the release of a product that seems too good to be true.

Last Friday was indeed the first day of April, and with it came a metric buttload of fake new products. The problem was what the problem always is: Some of these prank products actually sound good and we wish they were real. Here are three April Fools’ food-related products “released” on Friday that people all over the internet (including me) were actually kind of into.

Heinz and Oreo announced the release of Oreo Cookie Creme Packets

Oreo kidding me?! Imagine the possibilities: Fresh strawberries with Oreo creme, chocolate ice cream with Oreo creme, homemade cookies with Oreo creme, Double Stuf Oreos with more Oreo creme…the list could go on. But it won’t because, unfortunately, these lovely little sachets of heaven are nothing more than an oddly appealing graphic on the internet. In the words of one disappointed Instagram commenter: “I’d buy this – just sayin’.”

Ben & Jerry’s Canada promised a new line of fancy gourmet ice creams called Benjamin & Jerald’s

Somebody call Moochelle! Benjamin and Jerald are offering champagne ice cream with strawberry swirls and caviar bits, vanilla ice cream with chévre chunks and truffle bits, and saffron ice cream with caramel swirls and gold leaf. Or at least they would be if any of this were real. Alas, April Fools’ strikes again, and we must find another way to live out our bougie dreams. I strongly agree with one Instagram commenter who implored Benjamin and Jerald, “Okay, but actually make the champagne ice cream minus the caviar.”

Pringles enticed us all with a Sour Cream and Onion-scented body wash

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to smell sour and a little oniony right out of the shower. What better way is there to make people think you just went for a run? Unfortunately, today is not the day my smelly dreams come true. Sadly, this body wash remains a bit of first of April shenanigans and nothing more. However, I must agree with one kindred spirit of an Instagram commenter who put it best: “I’d unironically use this.”

Honorable Mentions:

And since I myself am so good at pranks (some would even call me Prankster, Hanky Pranky, the Internet’s Prank Green), I’ll bet you didn’t even notice that I wrote this entire article with my LEFT HAND. April (4th) fools, suckaaaaaaa.

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