Are Froot Loops All the Same Flavor? You Can’t Unlearn This Fact

When it comes to food mascots, cereals are really the cream of the crop. Some of them make absolute sense—Cap’n Crunch and Count Chocula, for example, are named for their respective cereals. Others, like Lucky the Lucky Charms leprechaun, aren’t that far of a walk either—leprechauns and luck are basically synonymous. Then there are those that have no clear bearing on the cereal they’re hawking. The Trix Rabbit, though iconic, has no connection to Trix. And Tony the Tiger and frosted flakes are an odd fitting pair as well. And then there are the birds. 

In this weird world of cereal mascots, birds appear to be a pretty good way to sell breakfast to kids. Hence, Cornelius, the corn flakes rooster, Sonny the Cocoa Puffs Cuckoo Bird, and of course, Froot Loops’ Toucan Sam.

Of this trio of avian cereal hucksters, there is a clear winner. Cornelius has always struck me as something of a stuffed shirt—a little pompous about the health benefits of daily corn flakes, and he’s an absolute morning person, which is pretty insufferable. Sonny, on the other hand, is simply out of control: He has no discipline, and, frankly, he’s out of his mind. In the middle, is Toucan Sam, a brightly colored tropical bird who is always up for adventure but still maintains a sense of responsibility and decorum. Sam is easily one of the best cereal mascots of all time, even if his cereal is more divisive.

The fruity flavor of Froot Loops is not everyone’s cup of tea, leaving the milk a weird mix of bright colors and bright flavors. And what exactly is that Froot-y flavor? Do all Froot Loops taste the same? Let’s follow our noses to the answer. 

Do all Froot Loops taste the same?

Yes, I hate to blow your mind, but all Froot Loops have the same flavor (unlike Skittles flavors). If you don’t believe me, you can do a blind taste test and I guarantee you won’t be able to discern one brightly colored ring from the next. Any supposed difference you may remember from your childhood is simply your mind filling in a different flavor because of the coloring. But if we’re being honest, the orange fruit loop doesn’t taste any more like an orange than the red, green, blue or yellow. .

What flavor are Froot Loops?

If Froot Loops all taste the same (they do), what is this particular flavor? According to their website, “Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® is packed with delicious fruity taste, fruity aroma, and bright colors.” That’s not particularly helpful. Allrecipes, on the other hand, gives us some more to work with, suggesting that, “Froot Loops supposedly taste like a blend of orange, lemon, lime, apple, cherry, raspberry, and blueberry.” Evidently, this is the flavor of Froot.

What are Froot Loops made of?

To prove that Froot and Fruit are two entirely different things, here is the fruit-free (but Froot-full) ingredients list for Froot Loops: “Cereals (60%) (maize flour, wheat flour, oat flour), sugar, vegetable oil, salt, natural colors (paprika extract, carmine, curcumin, vegetable carbon, copper chlorophyll), minerals (iron, zinc oxide), vitamins (niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folate), natural flavors (orange, lemon, lime).” 

That’s the scoop on the Loops! 

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