Arizona Is Bringing Back a Rare Flavor of Tea

Now, I don’t know if you are an Arizona tea connoisseur, but if you are you may have heard of the elusive Green Tea Cucumber with Citrus flavor. It is oft-cited not only as one of the best-tasting Arizona flavors out there, but also one of the hardest to find. Most people have not been able to locate a can of it let alone try it. But that all changed this week when Arizona announced that they are revamping the flavor and making it available on their website for a limited time!

What does this tea taste like? Why do I need it? Why aren’t more beverages cucumber flavored? Was Arizona invented in Arizona?

All good questions, let’s start at the top: it allegedly tastes like classic Arizona Tea infused with cucumber. People don’t seem to detect the citrus all that much. That said, the consensus is that it is delicious, refreshing, and just a really good flavor, all in all. As for why more beverages aren’t cucumber flavored, that I am not sure about. It seems like a home run (see: the glorious lime cucumber Gatorade), so I think more companies should go for it. In fact, Arizona actually went for it for the first time back in 2017 when they released this flavor in the NYC area with the goal of later releasing it nationwide. Some people reported being able to find it, but it was not on most people’s radars until this week, when Arizona announced on social media that a 22 oz. Big Can of the flavor would be back and easily purchasable on their website for a limited time. In looking at the website, it seems to be a 12-can case for $26.99 (that’s $2.25/can). How limited is this release exactly? We aren’t sure. So, if you need Arizona Green Tea Cucumber with Citrus in your life, I say go snag some now while you still can.

Now the question you have all been waiting for: Was Arizona Tea invented in Arizona? No, fun fact: it was invented in Brooklyn, New York (the Arizona of the Northeast, some would say).

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  • I’ve been able to find these at a local Chicagoland grocer for the past couple months. absolutely love the taste (not so much all the sugar) and they’re regularly on sale for $0.75