I Tried Spicy Pickle Popcorn So You Don’t Have To

I tried Ass Kickin’ Spicy Pickle microwave popcorn to see if it packed the punch the name suggests. First, I’ll say that I basically tear gassed our office while trying to make this (sorry, everyone I work with!). The rest of my thoughts I’ll save for the actual review.

Did Ass Kickin’ Spicy Pickle microwave popcorn kick my ass?

That’s right. Multiple people had to exit our office after I made this popcorn. I cooked it on the longer end of the suggested time (but still within the suggested time!) and this stuff basically turned into mace. The vinegar and/or citric acid in the pickle seasoning flooded every office in our building. I couldn’t stop coughing. Attempt number two wasn’t as bad, but it still made the air vinegary! Be very careful and don’t open this bag too close to your face or you will owe your eyes an apology.

The taste, sadly, did not match the intensity of the aroma. The main thing that fills your mouth when you eat a handful of Ass Kickin’ Spicy Pickle Microwave Popcorn is salt. This is salty, salty, salty. Next, you get artificial butter. At the end, you get a little kick of spice. Unfortunately, you get almost no pickle. The most pickle-y thing about this popcorn is the scent. If you hold your nose and taste it (which I did), you don’t taste pickle at all.

While the overall experience was quite the excitement in our office, I would not buy this again. It’s too one note and definitely did not taste better than other microwave popcorn out there.

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