An Honest Review of Banza’s New Gluten-Free Protein Waffles

Gluten free baked goods are pretty hit or miss, especially at the grocery store. We’ve taste tested everything from gluten free english muffins to gluten free waffles during my time here at Sporked, and while there are at least a couple of standouts in every taste test, there are always a few products that truly make you wonder how many people have to sign off on a product for it to hit shelves (like, at least two and are they okay??).

That said, we were excited to try Banza’s new gluten free protein waffles. The chickpea-based brand makes some pretty good gluten free stuff, including gluten-free frozen pizza and gluten-free pasta. We tried all three flavors—homestyle, chocolate chip, and blueberry—to see how they stack up to Banza’s best products and other GF waffles.

banza gluten free waffles

New Product!

Banza Protein Waffles: Homestyle, Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry

In a perfect world, gluten free products would taste pretty much exactly like their gluten full counterparts. Banza’s new protein waffles aren’t exactly top tier, but they aren’t bad either. They have some pretty important waffle qualities—a crunchy outside and a warm, chewy inside—but they’re definitely drier than regular waffles made with wheat flour. If you’re going to pick up a box of these, you should go for blueberry. The chocolate chip variety is a little skimpy on the chips and homestyle just sort of lacks flavor.

Pros: Ten grams of protein per serving! (A serving is two waffles.) They also have a totally decent texture and although they’re a little dry, that can be remedied with lots of butter and syrup.

Cons: The homestyle could use a little more flavor and they’re a little dry.

Credit: Liv Averett / Banza




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  • Thank you Gywnedd! I love the Banza brand and I’m so excited to try these. Vans are mushy and taste like mushy, tasteless rice, so I’m glad to hear that these have a crunchy outside and soft inside.