We Tried the New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors (and One Rocked Our World)

There are two new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors. That’s pretty exciting. It’s not every day that Ben & Jerry’s releases totally new flavors. Sure, they’ll drop a dairy-free version of a classic flavor every now and then, but totally new flavors? Those are much rarer. And rarer still these days are Ben & Jerry’s new flavors that aren’t tied into some TV show or endorsed by a celebrity. Do you understand how big of a deal this is? Get excited! Because we tried the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors: Impretzibly Fudged and PB S’mores. Are they any good? I don’t want to spoil the full review, but I’ll just say, make room in your freezer. 

Ben & Jerry Impretzibly Fudged

New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor!

Ben & Jerry’s Impretzibly Fudged

Ben & Jerry’s Impretzibly Fudged is a mix of chocolate ice cream and fudge-covered pretzel-pieces with a pretzel swirl. Essentially, it’s a chocolate-covered pretzel transformed into ice cream. Some real Wonka shit.

Pros: The chocolate ice cream base is really, really good. Ben & Jerry’s makes one of the best chocolate ice creams (Chocolate Therapy), so that makes sense. It’s fudgy and rich with lots of cocoa flavor. And the pretzel swirl adds some tasty saltiness to the mix—it really takes the ice cream to the next level and makes it worthy of the Ben & Jerry’s name. The chocolate-covered pretzel chunks aren’t amazing, but they are crunchy and salty. A lot of times chocolate-covered pretzels can taste stale. These do not. 

Cons: I wish there was even more of the pretzel swirl. I think that’s the most unique element of this flavor, and they could have leaned harder into the pretzel ice cream schtick. As it stands, it’s more fudge than pretzel. 

Credit: Liv Averett / Albertsons




Ben & Jerry PB S’mores

New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor!

Ben & Jerry’s PB S’mores

This new addition to Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter ice cream lineup consists of toasted marshmallow ice cream mixed with big chunks of peanut butter cups, graham cracker pieces, and marshmallow swirls. And it floored the Sporked tasting team. 

Pros: This is what Ben & Jerry’s is all about. The base ice cream is sweet and fluffy and so, so, so creamy. It doesn’t taste quite like a marshmallow but it’s not unlike a marshmallow—it does have a slightly toasty flavor. But the mix-ins are the real draw. There are huge chunks of really good peanut butter cups that aren’t too crunchy or hard. They’re incredible. This is a peanut butter cup-lover’s absolute dream ice cream. This is an instant Ben & Jerry’s hit and it deserves to be right up there with Cherry Garcia and Phish Food. 

Cons: I didn’t find any graham crackers in the multiple bites I had. I am willing to look past it. I trust that they’re in there somewhere. But I would have liked a few more, just to really get the whole s’mores thing across. 

Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart




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