Rhett & Link Taste Test Every Classic LaCroix Flavor

It’s not French and it’s not new. It’s Wisconsin’s own LaCroix, first launched in 1981. And it comes in many, many flavors. But for this GMM taste test, Rhett & Link stuck to the single-flavor La Croix varieties. They donned their dual-action LaCroix tasting device and sucked down ten flavors, scoring them on a one-to-ten scale. Here’s how the ranking fizzed out. (For even more sparkling waters, check out the Sporked ranking.)

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“It tastes like I licked a sunbather,” said Rhett. “I just can’t get my tongue around this one. He gave it a 1, while Link simply commented that it was “lotiony” and gave it a flat 0.


The plain sparkling water did not impress. “It’s effervescent nothing,” said Link. He gave it a 1. Rhett liked it but noted you can get “non-flavored water in so many places,” and gave it a 4. 


“It tastes like fruit made in a lab—made by a doctor,” said Rhett. “A good doctor,” Link countered. Rhett gave it a 3 and Link, good doctor comment aside, gave it a 4.


Both Rhett & Link agreed that citrus flavors do particularly well in sparkling water. They liked this one (Rhett gave it a 5 and Link gave it a 3), but not as much as some of the other citrus flavors. “It has a cleaner-esque taste to it,” Link said.


“I like a dry mango but do I like a wet mango?” Link pondered. He gave it an above average score of 5.5. Rhett was not as sold on it. “I just taste baby food that’s a week old,” he said, and gave it a 3.


The boys were split on this one. “It has a fakey taste to it,” said Rhett. He gave it a 3.5. “I don’t taste the fakeness as much,” Link said and gave it a 5.75.


Link admitted to not liking grapefruit but he still gave this one a 5. Rhett was much more of a fan and gave the water that taught Americans the French word for grapefruit a 7.1.


“What kind of berry is it?” asked Rhett. “I don’t care, I like it,” said Link. He gave it a 6 while Rhett gave it a 7.


“It has the sweetness of the orange with the refreshingness of the lime,” Rhett said. He gave it an 8.1 (his top score), while Link gave it a 7.


“I’m a big fan of this one,” said Rhett. “This is a flavor that was meant to be added to a sparkling water.” Both he and Link gave it an 8.

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