Rhett & Link Taste Test Monster Energy Drink Flavors

For this amped-up Gut Check, Rhett & Link crushed 33 flavors of Monster Energy Drink—and, amazingly, they managed to keep the studio intact. They sipped and scored each flavor on a scale of one to 100, then evaluated the top four on their own and ranked those.

Their palate cleanser was simply ice water—because nothing else will tame the Monster. Here’s how the scores shook out.

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Hydro Super Sport Killer Kiwi

This was a big hit with both Rhett, who gave it an 82, and Link, who gave it an 80. In the end, it received a lower score because of its lack of carbonation. 

Juice Monster Pipeline Punch

“Daddy like that,” said Rhett of this POG (passion fruit, orange, guava) energy drink. “Dang, dang, dang!” said Link. Both gave it an 88. Even though it got their top combined score, it failed to take the top spot when R&L really thought about it.

Juice Monster Mango Loco

Rhett liked this one and gave it an 87. “Daddy not like quite as much,” said Link. He gave it a 78. Link gave this energy drink an edge because of the can: “It’s a nice little scary design,” he said. 

Nitro Super Dry

While neither Rhett nor Link could describe the flavor enough for Stevie’s satisfaction, they awarded this one with top honors, deeming it to be the “Monster Mike.” (You’ll have to watch the ep to understand what that really means.)

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