Ben & Jerry’s Has a New Flavor for Summer and It Looks Stone Cold Delicious

Ben & Jerry’s has done it again: they’ve come up with a flavor so enticing it makes me want to spend six dollars on a single pint of ice cream. What is this new flavor, you ask? 

Limited Batch Cherry Crumble.

You. Guys. Cherry is the best fruit pie flavor, and crumble topping can be even better than pie crust. I know that’s controversial, but let’s face it: Most pies do not have that flakey, shatteringly perfect crust, while most crumbles taste delicious no matter the texture. And either warm cherry pie or crumble with any sort of vanilla ice cream? I shouldn’t even be thinking about this right now or I might end up sleepwalking to Safeway tonight and accidentally (on purpose) blowing all my money on this new ice cream.

Here’s what the new flavor entails: “Buttery ice cream with cherries and swirls of oat crumble.”

Yep, it’s that simple. But doesn’t that just sound so good? Buttery ice cream. Way to describe things in a way that makes them sound beyond scrumptious, Ben and/or Jerry (and/or your marketing team). 

Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the only ice cream company jumping on the summer fruit desserts trend. Blue Bell, a Texan ice cream brand that Rhett & Link absolutely adored (especially their fruit ice creams), is bringing back its Blackberry Cobbler flavor for the summer and people are EXTREMELY stoked, to put it lightly. Like, even Martha Stewart is excited about it (by which I mean, which I assume is all Martha 100% of the time). 

Anyway, thanks for this gift of an ice cream flavor, Ben and Jerry, y’all are the realest. And I shall certainly be trying this out as soon as I can get my hands on it. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even share-y it (get it?) with some friends! 

(P.S. I will not be sharing this ice cream)

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